Oct 08 2016

Polly wants Hallowkreme…

Party Parrot by Kris P. Kreme

Party Parrot by Kris P. Kreme

Bringing a parrot that belongs to an eccentric relic hunter to a college party, Cal never suspects that the tales told about the bird are anything but fluff.

An ancient wizard who once terrified a small village was only defeated after his own dark magic trapped him in the form of a harmless gray bird. Unfortunately many years have made him anything but harmless again, the words this parrot squawks changing everyone whose shoulder he perches on.

It was just meant to be a small gathering of friends, but thanks to the Party Parrot, this gathering is getting a bit more kinky.


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Cal’s always been the super easy going stoner friend in the gang, the one who never takes things seriously but never really causes any harm. When his buddy Sam throws a small party at his place during the month of October, Cal can’t resist dressing in costume, even if no one else does, and the perfect complement to his pirate outfit is a parrot he borrows without asking from his boss who is out of town.

What Cal never could guess is that this parrot will do what Cal never could at this party… and that’s to do some serious harm, at least if changing everyone quite randomly with every series of random words squawked is considered harm.

As Cal explains to the small gathering when asked about the parrot, his boss is a world renowned relic hunter, a man who travels constantly and therefore needs a rather slacking college kid like Cal to check on his place while away, make sure things are all good.

The story of the parrot was one Cal always got a kick out of, a crazy old tale that the man told him probably just fucking around. It seems that some old Eastern European village a very long time ago had a problem with an evil wizard. He was unstoppable, unkillable, but ultimately they did find a solution, twisting his own black magic against him to forever trap the evil wizard in the body of something harmless… a little gray parrot.

It’s a silly story, but it’s certainly a fun thing to share at a party but little does Cal know that his rather peculiar boss was not just spinning a yarn. The parrot is meant to be caged, never let free, certainly never let free around others, because even if the wizard was contained and heavily limited, his magic still is quite menacing and effortless… as the small gathering soon discovers when the parrot decided to speak up.

Spouting out random insults, calling the various non-costumed guests quite the assortment of insulting names, the party is just getting started. Of course only Cal wears a costume that can be removed by the time this party is over, the others each changing instantly as the bird lands on their shoulder and squawks out a comment.

As clueless a stoner as ever, Cal simply goes along with the fun, somehow losing the parrot along the way. It’s only after the chaotically perverse party is over that Cal realizes, he’s going to have a very hard time explaining to his boss what happened to that parrot he always told such odd tales about.

Halloween with the Kreme demands a party all month, and there just isn’t a party without a Party Parrot.


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