Oct 26 2016

HallowKreme’s Trances are Virtually irresistible

Trance-tory Terror Treatment by Kris P. Kreme

Trance-tory Terror Treatment by Kris P. Kreme

Geoff has been living with a certain terror in his life for too long, a terror named Michelle.

His wife is rarely home, a loveless marriage not making dealing with her daughter easier. Now Geoff is terrorized and mistreated by Michelle, the bitchy stepdaughter straight out of his nightmares.

But can Trance-tory treat that terror with a new product he spots on TV, a fancy virtual reality headset which uses his Trance-tory cell phone to give Geoff the control and freedom he’s never had?

Can even Trance-tory twist terror into something more manageable… or has Geoff never even imagined what a terror Michelle can be?


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Geoff was never all that bad a guy, easygoing, fun loving, living life, but years in a loveless marriage will ruin any man’s spirit, and what really terrifies him is that he’s truly stuck.

He’s been stuck for so long that each day is a nightmare from which there is no escape, at least not much of one. His wife is rarely home, her daughter who he basically raised is turning easily as bitchy as her mother, demanding everything and getting it for the fear Geoff has of ever confronting anyone about anything.

Slumping down defeated as always, dreading the moment his stepdaughter returns home, Geoff sees what may just be the light at the end of his particular torturous tunnel. A commercial catches his eye for the all new Trance-tory Terror Treatment, a virtual reality headset which uses your Trance-tory branded cell phone to provide an unmatched therapeutic session during which you can go anywhere, do anything, but most importantly confront and deal with whatever terrifies you most.

According to the ad, the technology is so advanced you won’t be able to tell the visual difference, a true recreation of the world around you. It offers not just an escape to Geoff from a world where he has little to no control, but it offers a chance to truly say whatever he has always wanted to the terror in his life, a pretty looking redheaded terror named Michelle.

Just thinking about being able to confront the virtual Michelle, to tell her off, to smack her or treat her like she treats him, it’s almost too good to believe, and even more so after he orders the VR headset and it arrives looking a decent amount cheaper than advertised.

Hoping and hoping it will work and actually provide an outlet to years of frustration and daily terror, Geoff is thrilled to slip it on his head and see just how amazing everything looks. The world around him, his home, even the neighbors across the street outside, everything is so perfectly recreated and real looking, it’s hard to tell it isn’t.

Grinning, enjoying impossible strength and freedom, unleashing his aggression as he walks around this virtual world, Geoff is only too ready to confront Michelle when her virtual self arrives home. Shouting at her, finally, Geoff feels what it’s like to be on the other side, to be the one controlling and not feeling helpless and terrorized by such a spoiled bitch.

The words of the commercial spark an idea Geoff simply can’t resist, the words so clear. Are you tired of the world screwing you over? the commercial asked. Well now it is his turn to screw the world over, and why not start with his own household horror, the terror with the tits to tease every guy?

Demanding what he never would demand in real life, Michelle is quick to comply with anything he desires… but is all of this just a little too good to be true? Could Trance-tory possibly make a product so lifelike in the reality it portrays… or has Geoff overlooked something so important, so vastly crucial and yet so tiny and easy to miss?

Is the true terror in his life dealing with a bitchy stepdaughter, or could getting what he always wanted turn out to be where terror truly begins?

Halloween with the Kreme gives virtually limitless ways to twist terror into titillation, but is it all for real?


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