On HallowKreme chocolate is irresistible

Bimbo Bombed Milf Chocolate by Kris P. Kreme

Bimbo Bombed Milf Chocolate by Kris P. Kreme

Elena Mitchell is the favorite teacher of male students at Hope High School. However, as she discovers on her favorite night of the year, Halloween, clearly her popularity doesn’t extend to all their parents.

Someone has Bimbo Bombed Elena, and if she gives away all her fresh baked chocolate chip cookies this year, she’ll be giving away a whole lot more of herself from that point on.

Can Elena escape the night with at least some of her intelligence and morality in check or is she destined to be a real Halloween treat? No one will doubt the flavor of Elena if she ends up a Bimbo Bombed Milf Chocolate.


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Elena Mitchell isn’t all that young, but she certainly isn’t the old witch of the neighborhood, even if she is dressed in her favorite sexy witch costume for a night she enjoys each and every year. The truth is, Elena is a teacher, and easily the favorite among all males at Hope High School, those male students likely hoping beyond hope for their idle dreams of Elena to come true.

As an English literature teacher, she’s well aware of the imaginative plots going on in many of her student’s minds, but for Elena it’s nothing to worry much about. It’s flattery on one hand and at least a sign they are paying attention in class and hopefully being inspired on the other. But by far the most favorite day she looks forward to each and every year is Halloween.

In her neighborhood, Elena has earned the reputation of the woman who truly goes all out for it, actually baking chocolate chip cookies each year to offer all the trick or treaters. And yes, each year she can count on her students showing up, even if seniors in high school probably shouldn’t be collecting candy door to door.

This Halloween though someone has targeted Elena Mitchell with anything but a lustful stare at her witchy costume and nice mature body. A ring at the doorbell results in Elena seeing not a happy child in costume but a strange note left for her, one which informs her that she left her oven on.

Creepy and oddly accurate considering she was still baking the last of her fresh chocolate chip cookies, Elena has to assume it’s just a harmless Halloween prank. As popular as she is with younger boys, she knows she isn’t immune to such attention around this time of year.

However when she returns to her oven and flips it off, that is when her night of actual Halloween horror begins, a shock of some unimaginable strength surging through her hand into her body as she turns the little knob on the oven.

Elena nearly feels her blonde hair rise off her shoulders with the unexpected zap, but when her doorbell rings yet again, she may just be frightened about what she will soon be feeling. Another note left for her informs Elena that she has been Bimbo Bombed, and clearly the note was written by one of the parents of her students.

Accused of ruining their children’s minds with visions of her tight body and equally ruining their diets with her chocolatey treats each Halloween, Elena is told that her bowl full of cookies shall decide her fate. Each cookie taken will take some of Elena with it, her mind, her intelligence, her morality as a teacher. Should the night end with her bowl quite empty, Elena’s mind may be the same way and her body just the opposite as she becomes the milf of Hope High all her students have believed her to be for years.

It has to be a joke, she thinks, but after a couple of rings at her doorbell by actual kids in costume, and after feeling the definite effects of losing a small part of herself each time a cookie was taken from her bowl, Elena Mitchell knows that she has to do something to keep from being truly Bimbo Bombed for good.

Even though she is left feeling almost drunk from the sudden loss of bits of her precious intelligence and morality, Elena is smart enough to figure out the solution. All she has to do is sacrifice her favorite night of the year, turn off the porch light and not give any cookies away until midnight. The note said at the end of the night if her bowl was empty… but if she can just keep it from being emptied, she might make it.

Elena Mitchell nearly makes it, but what happens when later that evening she gets the annual visit from her male students, the predictable one where they likely just stopped by to say hi and check out her costume?

Can she avoid giving away her cookies… or is Elena now destined to give away much more than cookies? It’s Halloween with the Kreme, and only one treat could truly satisfy those with a taste for some seasoned sexy flavor, and it’s the rich bimbo flavor of Milf Chocolate.


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