Oct 31 2016

Selfies get doubly lucky on Halloween

Selfies from Kastle Kreme Lucky #13 - Contracted Out & Dawn of the Zombie Sluts by Kris P. Kreme

Selfies from Kastle Kreme Lucky #13 – Contracted Out & Dawn of the Zombie Sluts by Kris P. Kreme

There are those stories that are hidden away within the Kreme Kollections that readers might not be aware of. Selfies is a series where the most popular of these hidden stories are brought out for readers to enjoy!

Kreme Keeper here, and if you haven’t gotten lucky enough this Halloween with the Kreme, prepare to get even luckier. There’s just no way the Kreme can stand to take only one Selfie this month, when it’s a month of madness and the moon is as full as the Kreme vats.

That’s right, it’s Selfies from Kastle Kreme lucky number 13 and you’re getting not one special tale chosen to terrify and titillate but two tales guaranteed to frighten and fondle your kinky imagination. These two tales will remind you that sometimes the most dangerous place is right where you call home.

In Contracted Out, meet a young woman buying her first home, moving up in the world but finding that where she moves might just reshape her position in life, or more correctly offer her all new positions. Don’t worry though, her new life in the home of her dreams will come with a new wardrobe of clothing, outfits sure to fit the lady of the house.

Then In Dawn of the Zombie Sluts, the small mountain town of Romero is about to wake up to a misty fog, though what the innocent families in that town do not suspect is that this fog results directly from a horrible crash by a truck carrying highly dangerous government chemicals. These chemicals are within the mist, the strange cloud that has enveloped the entire town and one family is about to discover that something is in the fog, something that will change them like never before.


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