Take a deep breath Readers to start Reader’s Choice 2017!

One Deep Breath by Kris P. Kreme

One Deep Breath by Kris P. Kreme

Readers Choice Month begins again… so take One Deep Breath, readers.

Mindy always had social anxiety, to the point online was the best she could do.

Encouraged to meet a boy she likes online, Mindy knows her anxiety and stress needs to be addressed.

Dr. DeLauren offers the solution, a hypnotherapist who promises that after her session, one deep breath will head off humiliation and embarrassment she always feels in public.

But what happens when she finds herself unable to stop taking that breath, when Mindy keeps breathing in deeper, her body feeling inflated by her own deep breath?


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Shy sweet coed Mindy has finally agreed to an actual date, a real in person date with the boy she has fallen for online after being encouraged by her roommate to socialize more.

For as long as she can remember Mindy has suffered severe debilitating anxiety and stress in even the most remote social conditions. She nearly passes out even thinking of public places with others, not to even mention being in those places on a date or in a group with others.

Of course now the date awaits, and Mindy knows that if she is ever to have normal social interactions or actually move on with her life, she has to treat her anxiety and mental blocks on social situations.

Hypnotherapy seemed the best solution she could find online, but unfortunately for her, hypnotherapy isn’t covered by insurance and so it was pure luck she happened to find a local doctor named Dr. DeLauren who not only had surprisingly inexpensive rates, but had an opening the day of her date.

As he awakens her from her session, Mindy is assured that everything has been solved, that through the soothing mental manipulation of his voice and the implanted suggestions within her consciousness any anxiety will be met with the instant solution of just one deep breath

Still worried, still anxious about finally meeting Paul for the first time in person, Mindy feels better, even if the stress is still there leading up to that meeting. She trusts Dr. DeLauren, trusts that all it will take to put off the debilitating anxiety upon being on an actual date with Paul is one deep breath.

However that evening when Mindy shows up to meet Paul at the restaurant, something isn’t right.

With consideration for her, Paul has reserved a very private booth back in an unused section of the restaurant, but Mindy is still nervous and naturally takes her one deep breath. But that breath just refuses to stop.

Unsure what is happening to her, Mindy literally feels her insides expanding, her chest plumping up like balloons, that deep breath doing as Dr. DeLauren promised, releasing her and making her a new woman… but this couldn’t be the woman he intended, could it?

Will one deep breath change everything about Mindy? Will social anxiety be a worry of the past like Dr. DeLauren promised? Is Paul the good guy she thought he was? And just how stuffed will she find herself before leaving this fancy restaurant?

It’s time to take a deep breath, readers… because your special month has begun once again. Readers Choice Month 5 arrives… and the excitement is more than just hot air.


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