Oct 21 2017

Get Mad on HallowKreme

Glad to be Mad by Kris P. Kreme

Glad to be Mad by Kris P. Kreme

Peter is an honor student just like his best friend Meredith, who he’d much rather have crazy kinky sex with.

Unfortunately Peter got stuck in the friend zone with a sweet innocent girl he’d secretly like nothing more than to take innocence from.

After sleepless nights during a school trip to the city, Peter wanders his hotel and finds an odd expo meeting in a ballroom which may just change his fate forever.

Offered a free Slut Ray for visiting a Mad Scientists Expo, Peter knows it has to be some silly little prop, right? However, shooting Meredith with it seems to start her descent into an actual slut… one he might shoot so much she goes from brainy to bimbo.


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Throughout his life, Peter has felt like a tiny any lost in a big colony, and his school’s Honor Society long distance field trip to the city has seemed mostly to emphasize that inconsequential status

He’s definitely an easy going guy, and has the best friend a guy could ask for in Meredith, but for years now he’s never wanted to just be friends, falling blindly into that friend zone and too happy being around her to even try changing it

If only Meredith knew the idle fantasies he had about her, the nerd fantasies most any guy would have about a beautiful blonde who is as hot as she is smart, being one of the only girls in honor society to take this trip.

Sadly Peter hasn’t been able to figure out how to take advantage of an opportunity away from all the moronic jocks back on campus, a way of telling Meredith he wants more than a friendship, and so he’s been unable to sleep most nights at the hotel, wandering floor after floor, trying not to accept his forever fate that this is the final year they’ll even be friends, heading separate ways to college, no more better chances than the final days of this school trip.

It’s on one of his insomniac strolls, that he overhears a very large crowd in one of the hotel ballrooms, a room that he knew wasn’t occupied earlier, and it’s strange it would be so busy after midnight.

The sign by the closed doors definitely doesn’t explain what sort of event could be going on, unless it’s someone’s idea of a joke. Yet soon enough Peter finds himself invited in, new recruits always welcome, newcomers even getting a free gift for attending the Mad Scientists Expo 2017.

There are well dressed men of all ages observing various demonstrations all around the ballroom, whether it’s eccentric scientists pouring colorful fluids into beakers or giant puffs of colored smoke, everyone seems to be taking this crazy event rather seriously.

It’s when Peter is offered his free gift for signing in, that his place in the ant hill of life seems to take a turn. This particular Expo is offering free Slut Rays for all new attendees, and as much as Peter would like to believe the crazy little bronze prop gun device he is given actually does anything, he knows it’s probably some sort of gag.

However the next day, Peter shows the crazy device to Meredith, who is more than amused by the idea of a Slut Ray, but even she agrees it has incredible build quality, a true collector’s prop, and she bets it makes silly noises or does something when fired, though Peter has yet to fire it.

When passing the time at the back of a sparsely filled bus on the way to some botanical gardens with their classmates, it’s Meredith who tells Peter it’s as good a time as any to fire the Slut Ray and see what funny noises or lights come from it.

Figuring why not, nothing better to do, Peter and Meredith both are quite shocked by what happens when he pulls the trigger, though her more literally than him. Pink sparks wrap from the gun to her body, buzzing throughout her, sending her reeling back in her seat, and even though she assures him it just took her by surprise, that nothing bad happened… why is Meredith compelled to give him a quick but genuine seeming kiss afterwards?

Does this Slut Ray actually do something, or is it all special effects? There’s only one way to find out if perhaps Meredith was playing along, and that’s to shoot her again later, when she isn’t expecting it, to catch a genuine reaction.

What starts out as a simple experiment to see if this Slut Ray really does anything, quickly escalates throughout their various destinations of the day into a progressively slutty series of events, which soon has Peter convinced this ray gun really is changing Meredith into the girl of his dirty little fantasies.

Will finally getting what he always wanted be the ultimate descent into madness… and will Peter be all too glad to take things that far? What about the strangely hot side effects those scientists at the expo mentioned this Slut Ray having when used too much or too close?

Halloween with the Kreme goes a little mad, but you’d be glad to go this mad, now wouldn’t you?


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