Jan 06 2019

Beware of a Kustom Wish from Santa after Krismas is over…

Sacked by Santa at Channel Six by Kris P. Kreme

Sacked by Santa at Channel Six by Kris P. Kreme

While running a truly tight ship, news station manager Angel Yew has quickly earned a reputation as a cold heartless bitch. But an after Christmas before New Years party may just thaw her out more than she can handle thanks to the magic of Santa.

Flying over on a test flight, Santa fires a rude little elf who rips and tosses Santa’s magic sack overboard. Lost in a blizzard, two station employees find and use that ripped cloth as a red table cloth, demanded by Angel.

The results are a reality altering and literally mind blowing party none of the men at news channel six will ever forget.


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At the end of the year, after Christmas and before New Years, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, there’s a regular news station party to celebrate another year in award winning broadcasting. But the biggest news this year might just be a developing story that takes the party by surprise.

No one at Channel Six likes Angel Yew, the hot young Asian station manager who has a head for success and hardly any heart for basic compassion. Cold and bitchy, Angel is ruthless in having her way and organizing the station party is nothing less important in her mind.

As a blizzard blankets much of the city in snow, ice forming, the likelihood of any of the regular on camera staff even attending this year’s party is nearly fading as much as visibility outside is. Yet Angel has maintenance technicians Benny and Clay doing the lion’s share of grunt work in making this party perfectly set up in the main news room, absolutely done to perfection or else they may be looking for new jobs.

Her latest demand a short time before the party is set to begin is that a red cloth be laid across the glass news anchor desk, punch on top, poinsettias around the perimeter of the station, the look of this party very important to a demanding young woman like Angel Of course when Benny and Clay inform her they have no such table cloth, she refuses to hear it, threatening them, demanding they look all over the building and find just such a cloth.

Annoyed, stressed, and idly ranting over the sexy bitch who frequently ruins their work lives, Benny and Clay head up to the roof, probably the one place they haven’t looked, perhaps expecting a red tarp, anything that can possibly be used to calm her demanding demeanor.

Yet this is still a magical time of the year, and how could anyone at Channel Six suspect that not only is Santa real, but Santa just so happens to be enduring a frustrating test flight of his sleigh over the city, complaining to a slacker of an elf named Kleevil who hates his boss about as much as Benny and Clay do.

When Santa has had it and informs Kleevil his services will no longer be needed, the frustrated elf goes on a verbal rant, grabbing Santa’s magic sack and ripping the magical material, tossing it off the side of the sleigh into the blinding blizzard below.

With that magic sack already malfunctioning due to Kleevil giving it twice the Reality Rinse it should have had, now it’s damaged which means it can be truly dangerous should it fall into the wrong hands. But could Santa ever suspect that when he calls for Elf recovery to seek out and find it… it will be found first by Benny and Clay, the perfect shiny red plush cloth, the perfect solution to keep Angel happy and keep themselves from getting Sacked by Channel Six?

The only problem is perhaps not a problem at all, as the moment Benny and Clay touch that ripped open red sack, the magic which would ordinarily create whatever present Santa was reaching inside to retrieve instead creates their darkest fantasies of revenge against Angel.

The men who usually simply rant plot against the bitch, the hot fuckable slut who bosses everyone around, and after setting everything up, even the punch bowl is tainted by the Reality Rinse magic that is infused into the cloth on which that bowl ultimately sits. After Angel has some sips of that punch, reality is altering, the fantasies of everyone around changing her body, making her just as everyone always wanted her to be… and when only the grunt technicians and camera operators show up at the yearly station party, it won’t be long before Angel is giving them end of the year bonuses they never expected.

Christmas may be over… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few gifts worth sharing. Station manager Angel Yew will discover that she’s certainly going to be shared around, as she finds herself Sacked by Santa at Channel Six.


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