Aug 04 2019

Take a dip into the Grab Bag for August

The Grab Bag #39 - One Deep Breath & Re Read by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #39 – One Deep Breath & Re Read by Kris P. Kreme

Does the summer heat have you hallucinating, or worse is it just stressing you out? Then perhaps you need to handle your anxiety like Mindy and take one deep breath. It’s a sure way to feeling like a stress free doll with plenty of time for things like reading. But when the words on the pages change, is it a hallucination, or fantasy? This month’s Grab Bag will help you discover the truth.

This Grab Bag includes:

One Deep Breath: Mindy always had social anxiety, to the point online was the best she could do. Dr. DeLauren offers the solution, a hypnotherapist who promises that after her session, one deep breath will head off humiliation and embarrassment she always feels in public. But what happens when she finds herself unable to stop taking that breath?

Re Read: When an author heads out on his porch to do what he calls re reads, looking over and editing a mundane tale of he and his soon to be wife at the grocery store, he discovers the words changing each time he looks away from the paper. Just what is Darren Yaden dealing with, that can make the story less mundane and a lot more depraved each time he re reads it?


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