Aug 10 2019

SINtendo’s VR is unforgettable

SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR Part Two by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR Part Two by Kris P. Kreme

It began with Tom lusting after his girlfriend Stella, more than usual thanks to a summer internship she took. But SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR changed that, offering a way for him to literally screw her through a revolutionary portal like game on his phone.

Unfortunately he couldn’t see who he was playing with and mistakenly his stepmother Nicole was brought in on the action. Now it’s Stella’s turn, and bad time of the month, busy day at her work, nothing will stop him.

Tom is ready to play and the rewards for using his girlfriend are too much too resist. She’s going to be broken in more ways than one… but is this addictive game changing him more than those he plays with?


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GamerK101 was an online gaming connection Tom had but he’d never been anyone Tom thought much about until the fateful day he introduced Tom to a revolutionary virtual reality game called Pocket Pussy VR. With his college girlfriend Stella doing an important internship across the state for the summer, Tom was desperate for any distractions from the serious case of being horny all the time and having no outlet.

Stella and Tom had always had a very heated fun sex life, yet long distance didn’t help at all, and it certainly didn’t help any more that Tom lived alone with his stepmother Nicole, a hot real estate agent. Yet GamerK101 solved all problems and may have created all new ones with the shared Pocket Pussy VR from SINtendo, a phone game that created anything but virtual consequences after Tom mistakenly used the game on Nicole, thinking it was Stella.

Creating a long distance link using technology Tom still doesn’t understand, Pocket Pussy allows for him to be one place virtually thrusting and fucking while his chosen partner feels everything, and takes everything he can give her and more. Thanks to the enhancements offered through the rewards of playing the game anything is possible, extreme sex he never imagined before yet thanks to the corrupting influence of Pocket Pussy VR he can’t ever imagine going without.

And so after round one with Nicole, forever altering her behavior, desires, and body, Tom is ready to take things a whole lot further with his girlfriend Stella. She may be sixty miles away but there are no limits as long as Tom has the chosen woman in his phone’s contact list. He’s always been kinky, Stella equally as kinky, but even she could never fathom the perverted things Tom plans to do with her body long distance.

It all starts with a little foreplay, simply turning her on in the way and through the touches he has mastered as long as they have been together. Tom knows there are things that can have Stella clawing at the walls in arousal and on an otherwise ordinary morning at her internship, suddenly the top heavy hot as sin Stella feels a phantom touch and knows Tom is playing the game she specifically said he could not play today.

It’s the one day of the month she absolutely can’t have sex, not unless she wants nine months of serious consequences. But Tom is beyond caring about such consequences, Pocket Pussy VR freeing him from any risks, offering rewards like he never imagined, including the abilities to enhance both himself and others, most notably Stella.

So just how will Stella react when she’s taken for quite the ride long distance, when she’s turned on beyond self-control, beyond caring who uses her and how? Just what extremes will her day as an office intern take and will her already sexy body become more than any man who sees her has ever imagined?

It’s an all new Pocket Pussy to play with, all new rewards for playing, and an explosive ending like you won’t see cumming… but is SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR really reaching a conclusion or can nothing sate the lust Tom feels for this continually corrupting power?

Find out in the brand new SINtendo Pocket Pussy VR Part Two.


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