Aug 29 2019

Sometimes you can’t help but be forked

Tuning Forked by Kris P. Kreme

Tuning Forked by Kris P. Kreme

Dave was never satisfied with his marriage, a bitchy prudish wife he often imagined in depraved mind draining situations. But after saving a man named Tuner and getting smacked with a tuning fork, he will embark on a quest to save his wife and marriage like he never imagined.

Angry at coming home and finding Tuner with his wife, Dave is helplessly frozen as the quirky man runs off, taking her with him.

Over the next few days Dave will search everywhere, following the breadcrumb of clues in neighbors, coworkers, family, and more, each revealing how Tuner can re-tune reality and unleash fantasies in the most perverted way possible, thanks to his special fork.


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Sometimes when a piano falls from the sky, it might just be best to stay out of its way.

Dave never was a man with the best imagination, which was a shame since he often tried to imagine his life turning out better. Others might see his gorgeous wife with raven black hair and think he had it made, they might even say he’d been ever fortunate to have a pair of twin daughters who were smart and responsible, never the party girls, but they wouldn’t see the true nightmare he felt his marriage had descended into, the fact his daughters hardly were around anymore and didn’t have a lot of high praise for their dad.

The truth was that Dave knew his marriage was failing, and he knew it mostly was Rebecca’s fault. She was a cold prude, spiteful and constantly berating him or criticizing Dave. It had always been his fault, no matter what it might be. Whether it was making too much noise eating his cereal or somehow ruining her apparently perfect DNA with his so their redhead twin daughters turned out frumpy and not as perfect as their mother, Dave was always to blame.

And so on most mornings, Dave just liked to imagine his way out of the dismal marriage. But on a morning he idly fantasized to the best of his imagination about Rebecca getting what she deserved… a bigger tit, fantasy version of his prudish wife getting truly perversely used and abused until her brain turned to mush… his fantasies may come back to haunt him.

It’s on that morning, walking the six blocks to work, that Dave met a man named Tuner. He was a bizarre little man, wearing only cargo shorts and a brightly colored shirt like some living cartoon figure. It was the sort of character who seemed out of place anywhere, but especially skipping and whistling down the opposite side of the street, not a care in the world.

But Dave was the one who saw some shadowy figure pushing a piano out of a window in a building just above this oddly happy man, and Dave was the only one who could warn him, dropping his briefcase and running in a moment of heroic action to shove this man out of the way just before that piano would have crushed him.

In the aftermath of that bit of craziness, Dave thought the man was reaching for his wallet, thanking him with his strange manner of simple talk, yet it’s not a wallet this man calling himself Tuner pulls out. It’s a polished chrome looking tuning fork that the man rather bluntly smacks against the side of Dave’s head.

As Tuner puts it, Dave saved him and he must be rewarded, so Dave’s fantasies will now come true. As the odd man skips away, Dave continues to work, thinking nothing of it… until later when he arrives home to find Rebecca sucking Tuner’s cock, drooling rivers of seed, seeming quite a bit dumber behind the eyes.

And this is where Dave’s story really takes a twist, because he reacts much like any normal man might coming home to find another man… even a weird little one like Tuner… fucking his wife. He tries to attack him, threatening him, angry beyond all anger. But Tuner is no ordinary man and he does not appreciate the disrespect as he was only trying to repay Dave with his deepest darkest fantasies come true.

Leaving Dave unable to move, Tuner runs off with Rebecca and by the time Dave can freely move again the search is on… to find his wife, to save more than his failing marriage but to literally save Rebecca from whatever kinky fate she is facing at the hands of this Tuner.

But what happens when every lead he follows over the next several days only leads to a path of increasingly freakish fantasy chaos, the path of destruction in the wake of Tuner knowing no bounds?

From the neighbor next door calmly watching TV while his wife is pimped out, to Rebecca’s coworker at the bank turning into a milky cow, there is no limit to the distorted hell of reality Tuner has re-tuned with his powerful tuning fork. He’s left madness in everyone Dave once called friend or family, and it all might just lead to his daughter’s college sorority where the responsible girls are now part of the biggest party house on campus… and the party is beyond extreme.

Can Dave save his family and stop Tuner? Who was the mysterious figure trying to crush Tuner with a piano? And will anyone escape the fate of being seriously Forked? Find out in one of the longest tales this year, a brand new story featuring a character sure to return with his own brand of maniacal manipulations. Tune in readers, it’s time to get Forked.


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