Aug 24 2019

There’s always a Remote Chance

Remote Glances on College Campus by Kris P. Kreme

Remote Glances on College Campus by Kris P. Kreme

It’s back to school, college specifically for Luke Berry, the one time electronics salesman who met with a most fortunate accident and now is a living walking stud straight out of porn with a magical cock.

When a feminist professor Lydia Caldwell, threatens to fail his son Josh, Luke decides it’s time to help the kid out, especially since he’s been stealing all Josh’s girlfriends for months now.

Heading to campus, Luke meets all sorts of cute coeds before speaking to Josh’s professor, and all takes is one little glance at what Luke is packing in his pants. One glance and they will each transform into their particular porn personality forever.


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Another unexpected sequel to A Remote Chance In Hell

Over 19.000 Words of Kreme!

Luke Berry was once an ordinary electronics salesman, until a fateful day at a business conference in Hell, Michigan quite literally changed his channel forever. The combination of an experimental remote control, a cheap hotel television stuck on the adult channel, and lightning transformed Luke into the stereotypical musclebound stud of all porn movies, and made any woman of legal age who merely caught a glance of his massive porn powered dick immediately transform themselves into all manner of stereotypes.

Since that day Luke has accepted and enjoyed his new life, no longer working in electronics, since there’s an endless stream of income through the many featured adult videos he has online. The stars of those videos are often the girls and women he flashes his dick to, one look, one little raise of the eyebrows trapping those women into a fate more orgasmic than any other. Often the changes are subtle, a girl next door porn personality, and often they are dramatic, a fake titted stripper with piercings and tattoos, but each and every time it’s fun for Luke to see what happens and even more fun to play with their new forms after.

For a time Luke made a game out of stealing his son’s girlfriend, his son Josh at a local university and somehow both clueless when it came to women yet skilled at attracting some gorgeous coeds. His latest girlfriend Jessica has been one of the best for Luke, managing to string Josh along even after her transformation into a slutty coed eager to fuck his dad every chance she gets.

Yet all good things have to end, and recently Jessica finally told Josh she no longer had any interest in him, that an older man was for her. Even though she didn’t mention Luke specifically, he feels a little bad about the whole situation since Josh has been nothing but moping lately, and when he comes home even more upset about some bitchy feminist professor threatening to fail him in her philosophy class, hurting his chances at graduating.

And since Luke has been cooped up at home lately, bored since Jessica’s no longer hanging around, he decides it’s time for a little field trip, a visit to campus to meet with this supposedly feminist bitch with a vendetta against all men. According to Josh, Professor Lydia Caldwell is out to destroy anyone with a dick… but Luke knows she hasn’t seen anything like the dick he’s swinging and his dick unlike all others has a knack for instantly changing a woman’s mind about all sorts of philosophy… not just the stuff she teaches.

So with his son assured that his worries will soon be a thing of the past, Luke Berry heads off to college, where quite naturally he meets some very pleasant distractions on the way to the campus philosophy building.

Will the incoming Sigma sorority girls Hayden and Katie fulfill their assigned task of putting a fresh coat of white paint on the house… or will they get fresh themselves and enjoy a nice thick white coating?

Will the friendly Mikala Hunt Luke asks for directions on campus become a lot more than friendly… to everyone on campus?

And what about Bianca and Nathalie, two slender cute freshmen offering free bottles of water for a signature to protest campus funding? Will they discover an all new lust for hydration… taking in plenty more fluids with all new bodies?

It’s a very full day for Luke Berry, and the surprises just keep cumming thanks to Remote Glances on College Campus.


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  1. River Ghost

    Absolutely Loved it! Thanks for another Remote Tale!

  2. Zuralistic

    Nice to see another Remote story!

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