Aug 20 2019

The backfire isn’t over

Days Later... Billy's Bully Blitz Backfires by Kris P. Kreme

Days Later… Billy’s Bully Blitz Backfires by Kris P. Kreme

Days ago, Wally saw his best friend Billy walk into school more confident than ever, marching down the hall directly towards school bully Chet Matthews.

After a confrontation there, Wally witnessed a series of increasingly disturbing events. From getting flashed by a sexy student to seeing police officers humping after Billy and Chet ran off, Wally knows something is wrong.

But after going to the guidance counselor, Sara Summer, Wally’s investigation takes an unexpected turn.

In possession of a device that makes anything he says true for whoever hears it, Chet has a score to settle with Wally’s now college sister, the only girl to ever humiliate the arrogant bully and get away with it.


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Over 15,000 Words of Kreme!

It was just four days ago that Wally witnessed many unusual things, all of them disturbing, all of them involving his best friend Billy, who lately seems to have completely dropped his once best friend and hardly even answers the door when home.

There’s been a chill in the air since that strange day Wally was at his school locker and watched Billy march in with his head held high and an oddly assertive look in his eyes, since the day Billy walked right past everyone and seemed to be heading in the very direction they always avoided, right towards school bully Chet Matthews’ locker.

Sure enough Wally had arrived after a confrontation, only in time to see Billy on the floor and Chet standing over him… but something strange had first happened then and Wally couldn’t quite say what Chet had done next, remembering that he held something to his throat and said something, then everything momentarily blank and Wally not even sure if he saw what he thought he did.

Trying to catch up to Billy later, to ask what was going on, he saw Chet and Billy together heading towards the guidance counselor’s office. If it weren’t for running into Christina Seacus in the hall, literally, Wally might have caught up to his best friend. But when Christina licked her lips, flashed him, and propositioned him for just five bucks, Wally knew something weird was going on.

After school, Wally had tried to catch up with Billy once again, though when he arrived at the alley they always used as a shortcut home from school he saw an even more disturbing sight. Billy and Chet were parting ways, leaving a cop car, and in that car, two cops were busy humping like wild animals.

The fact that Billy and Chet were together so many times in the same day was unnerving enough, but the fact they always seemed to be around some weird unexplained behavior was just disturbing.

So now, four days later, Wally has decided to go to the only source he knows also saw Billy and Chet together that day, guidance counselor Sara Summer. But can anything possibly prepare geeky high school student Wally for what Counselor Summer says and does to him behind her closed doors?

She’s behaving like a wanton slut, worse, an immoral slut who really only cares about getting his cum inside her, as many times or ways as possible, begging for babies and acting far different than Sara Summer ever would act.

Yet as though things couldn’t get worse, after Sara Summer has had her naughty way with poor Wally, Chet Matthews comes walking right in her office, eager to enjoy his morning session with the giving guidance counselor, and Chet immediately remembers Wally.

It had been only a year and four months earlier that Chet, the most arrogant bully in school actually got shot down by a girl, and not just shot down but flat out humiliated. That had been Wally’s sister’s senior year, and Wally had witnessed the humiliation like everyone else, had joined in the laughing when Victoria in her always tough goth girl boots had done what so many girls he took advantage of should have done.

Victoria had been at her locker, tall, pale skin, black hair, gorgeous figure with large boobs, an appealing target for a sleaze like Chet. But his lines never worked on her, and the moment he let a hand stray from her shoulder while hitting on her, she had punched him so hard in the bicep it left a mark everyone saw for days.

When Chet had tried to insult her with everyone watching, saying a goth chick like her was dead inside, Victoria had simply laughed and announced for everyone to hear that the only thing dead was between his legs, calling him dead dicked little Chet, lifeless in the pants as he was in the head.

For weeks the humiliation had lasted, and then Victoria had graduated. Wally’s sister currently attended a local university while still living at home, and Chet has plans to finally avenge that humiliation. But what’s worse is that Wally realizes somehow, some way, Chet now has the means to do that and more… possessing a strange device he says Billy gave him, one that when pressed against his throat changes his voice robotic and makes any command he says impossible to ignore.

Demonstrating his abilities, Chet delights in sharing that he is still testing the limitations of this device. There are many questions to answer, such as if he tells someone to do what should be impossible… can they actually do it because they believe they can? Can Chet enhance even himself through the use of Billy’s device? How far will Chet go now that he seemingly has infinite power over everyone, and still the same bully arrogance and self-indulgence he always had?

Most concerning of all… just what will Billy ultimately do to Wally’s older sister, now that he has her little brother under his control, leading him through a day of debauchery like never before?

Billy’s Bully Blitz Backfired… and now Days Later… his best friend Wally is feeling the punches, and soon may be joining his former best friend in being new pals with the very bully they once used to despise and avoid each and every day.


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