Mar 16 2020

Check your vision… Lenny’s back.

Lenny 2020 by Kris P. Kreme

Lenny 2020 by Kris P. Kreme

Friendly Doctor Kerry Smith has only recently joined an elderly eye doctor at his practice, but her first day alone with the patients may be her last as she encounters a funny little man in costume on St. Patrick’s Day.

Only three patients to look after, she’s going to the file room to get their records, but it so happens that Lenny the Leprechaun has spent a number of St. Patrick’s Days hiding there to avoid being seen.

Cursed to forever grant perverted twists on wishes if spotted by humans this one day of the year, Lenny found that in a place where few humans see clearly, he could easily abstain from feeding his lust.

Yet that hunger returns in the face of a lovely lass named Kerry.


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For years now a supernaturally sinister and small character has remained elusive, lurking in the shadows, hiding away a curse he has lived with for centuries. But when Lenny the lecherous leprechaun’s special hiding place has been an elderly eye doctor, he’s had it pretty easy… right up until a newly titled fresh faced Doctor Kerry Smith takes over for the good eye doctor.

As Doctor Hastings deals with other things on St. Patrick’s Day, the attractive glasses wearing Kerry takes over his last three patients of the day and with a good Irish name like Kerry, she already has the interest piqued in a lecherous fellow like Lenny.

Cursed long ago to grant wishes to those that spotted him on St. Patrick’s Day, the wishes are always twisted and perverse, but Lenny can only watch in envy, lusting after the nubile flesh of human women. So for a time now he abstained and remained hidden away in a place where most wore glasses and few were wearing them while there, their eyes dilated, so many factors preventing a small creepy leprechaun from being spotted lurking in the shadows of the rarely visited patient record room.

Yet when Kerry realizes she doesn’t have but one of the three patient’s files with her, she makes a stop there and that is where she gets the surprise of her life, and one that may lead to quite the surprising eye exams for those three patients.

In rhyming fashion, Lenny has been discovered and he greets the lovely lass, but when she plays along, figuring this might be a seasonal joke, Lenny a friend of Doctor Hastings, she wishes that all three patients would be more comfortable with her than ever before, with no complaints for Doctor Hastings when he returns.

Naturally it’s hard to complain when the three men, young and old, meet a Doctor like Kerry instantly becomes, a woman who puts the T and A on the eye chart for each of them, who has them seeing quite a bit more clearly than they ever thought they would, at least of her suddenly eager supple body.

Will Doctor Kerry make sure Irish eyes are more than smiling this St. Patrick’s Day, and what will happen when the patients themselves spot Lenny watching the fun? He’s been away for some time, but is back with a rhyme, that pervy leprechaun Lenny… and he sees 20 20.


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