They say it’s contagious

Going Viral by Kris P. Kreme

Going Viral by Kris P. Kreme

Gatherings are being affected by the big virus in the news, but female executive Miranda has to show up for a celebratory end of quarter work party at a bar.

All she needs to do is be there, be seen, and she’s off for some personal vacation time. But times are about to get a whole lot more stressful after she’s splashed with beer from a Corona keg.

Her drunken coworker Mike claims she’s going to catch the virus… but he isn’t making a poorly thought out Corona-virus joke. He means another one, one he claims has been overshadowed by the big one on everyone’s mind lately.

Is there something called BOVID-19… and will Miranda be mooo-ving down the corporate ladder after catching it?


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The world has been going crazy over viral fears, and Miranda hasn’t dealt with crazy any better at work. It’s the virus that everyone is talking about, that’s the reason so few attended the work get together to celebrate the end of the first quarter. But Miranda, as the lone female executive couldn’t afford not to at least make an appearance.

So here she is, at some downtown bar, staring into her colorful fruity cocktail just trying to get through this one event, be seen, smile, and then finally take her some personal time off.

But if worries about viral outbreaks weren’t enough in this world, Miranda has drunken coworkers like Mike to deal with. At least Mike is being mostly held in check by his two more responsible buddies Adam and Rex. Yet it only takes a moment to put this unpleasant if necessary after work event well into the qualifying for worst day ever.

Staggering drunk and barely held together Mike is being escorted up the stairs and out of the bar, right as the bartender is up on a ledge overhanging the bar doing his best to attach hoses to a new keg of beer for the taps. One little moment breaking free of his responsible buddies, Mike stumbles and falls right into the back of the bartender, who completely loses his control and the hoses snap, beer spraying all over the bar below… and all over Miranda.

With beer all in her face, Adam and Rex quickly rush down to make sure she’s okay, fearful of their own jobs since none of them are as high up as executive in the company. But it’s Mike’s drunken remark that becomes cause for concern. He simply says that Miranda is going to catch the virus now.

As drunk as he is, even Miranda has to crack a smile at the large word Corona written on the keg which just splashed her… but it turns out that maybe Mike isn’t speaking purely out of drunken confusion. He’s sobering up as he explains that he isn’t talking about that virus, since that virus is overshadowing the one he means… a virus simply called BOVID-19.

But what is BOVID-19, and is it serious, more importantly could Miranda really get it just by being splashed in the face by beer?

That’s what Mike claims, that only women 19 and older can get BOVID-19, that it’s something called a kremona virus and the name stands for BOvine Viral Infectious Disease.

Whether it’s the fact that she just got soaked in beer and feels humiliated or the fact Mike seems to be sobering up the more animatedly he talks about this BOVID-19, Miranda is definitely feeling more than a little flustered, her mind wandering just a bit, oddly uncharacteristic thoughts about her breasts coming so quickly to mind she almost speaks them out loud.

Is it possible a serious virus like the one Mike mentions has been so overshadowed in news coverage that she now has it and is feeling the side effects? Could any virus do what Mike claims this one can do? And will Miranda soon be willingly adding to the humiliation she’s already suffered?

Only one thing is certain… there’s a something Going Viral and Miranda might not be fortunate enough to avoid getting ‘udderly’ humiliated by the end of the night. Remember readers, there’s a real virus out there, spreading like crazy… so do something less crazy and read the Kreme at home. Just be sure and wash your hands properly afterwards.


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