It’s possible to Kustomize reality

Astral Erection by Kris P. Kreme

Astral Erection by Kris P. Kreme

Jacob Bunkle was a nerd on campus, but one with a pet project he’d spent years trying to prove. An imaginative boy, Jacob knows the power of the mind has not been fully explored, and he’s convinced there’s a way to merge the physics with the astrophysics of Astral Projection.

Intending to finally test his theories the campus bully ruins everything, but Jacob may still find his experiment quite an arousing success.

His every fantasy has become untethered from his mind, but remains very much tethered to another part of his anatomy… and now Jacob Bunkle can do as many girls as he can imagine simultaneously, changing each and every one of them to whatever his imagination decides.


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Jacob Bunkle has always been and would always be a nerd. But these days being a nerd wasn’t all that bad, pop culture having finally given nerds their own following. Even so, two years in college had only taught Jacob that movies and television made college something it definitely was not.

Every coed wasn’t hot, and most students in general fit quite well into the average or dull category, but the ones that didn’t, those exceptionally attractive or nearly perfect college students, were definitely still well beyond the reach of a kid like Jacob Bunkle. At least until his reach extended beyond the limits of imagination.

Unlike most socially isolated kids, Jacob has been studying hard and working in his spare time on a pet project he hopes will someday revolutionize the science behind thought. He’s always believed that the mind can reach much further than most common knowledge believes or preaches to be true. Therefore he’s spent years in a dark corner of the university library reading every book on thought, the mind, and particularly astral projection.

Jacob believes there is a way to link the more pseudo-science spiritual beliefs of thought travel and control with the widely accepted sciences of today. He’s always had an extremely healthy imagination, dreams often more real to him than the world he woke to, but Jacob is determined to take steps never taken and prove that the human mind is capable of living any dream, by traveling with pure thought outside the body, through time itself.

It’s on an otherwise ordinary day in the library, in the section of books only popular with stoner kids who think they could read up and mind control cute coeds, that Jacob finally feels like he has made his breakthrough. After two years of research he’s put the pieces of the puzzle together, and now he thinks, his theories can finally be put to the test.

If he’s correct, there’s a very specific electrical frequency, a voltage, that if exposed to, will unleash the tether of Jacob’s mind in ways most of the world has never experienced. It’s science, proven in accidental studies done with shock therapy patients long ago. But Jacob can do it right, and with his imagination he already can see the vast changes to the idea of astral projection proving this science will create.

But with every great discovery comes an unfortunate hurdle one must leap, and of course as anyone on campus would tell you, there’s just no leaping a brutish caveman frat guy like Max Rockland. Rounding a corner, sprinting to the science labs, Jacob never has a chance to stop as he runs right into the gorgeous Kelly Connors, Max’s girlfriend.

When Max follows after him and catches up just as Jacob has the electrodes sparking at the precise frequency and voltage, Jacob gets a breakthrough like he never expected or even imagined. Tackled towards the table for knocking over Max’s girlfriend, the thug acting in his nature, an unfortunate erection due to having just unintentionally touched the hot Kelly Connors is what gets most of the shock treatment intended for his mind. But Max isn’t finished when he gets a glimpse of the hard on Jacob has, knowing it could only be because of Kelly, he turns the dweeb around and knocks him senseless, barely caring about the additional jolts of electricity surging into the back of Jacob Bunkle’s head.

It’s later that Jacob wakes and stumbles his way to his remaining classes, but has his experiment worked in ways he never imagined? He’ll very soon find out that the mind can most certainly be a powerful thing, and his imagination may definitely have become untethered from reality, but it remains firmly tethered to something else thanks to the electrical jolts in that specific frequency coursing through his hard dick.

Simply glancing at a girl, she begins to show him attention like he’s never had before, her attention quickly becoming more. Like a building need, girls are talking sexy, seducing him, even going so far as to risk everything with kinky public acts with him. And like any geeky college kid, Jacob definitely is quick to enjoy it.

But as Jacob Bunkle quickly discovers, sex is one thing, and this is something very different. As he has sex with one girl, he finds he can fantasize about another, and suddenly he is having sex with her too. He’s unleashed something far more powerful than he imagined, as he’s doing more than traveling with his mind, his dick is traveling both spiritually and physically as the climaxes are proving completely real in anyone he imagines.

Jacob was always the nerd but with his strong imagination untethered he can now fantasize about any girl, even imagining those girls changing, becoming more extreme in their sexy bodies, even imagining the impossible, and his Astral Erection will take care of the rest. He was always bound by the laws of science and reality, but just what will happen now that science no longer limits him and reality can become whatever he imagines… as long as his always hard Astral Erection leads the way?

It’s a brand new Kustom Kreme that will take science and the mind to all new extremes, and give entirely new meaning to group sex. Every nerd fantasizes about getting all the hot girls they can handle, but not every nerd gets all the hot girls at the same time and can handle even more.


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