Jul 24 2020

It’s a mystery Readers

Who Dumb It? by Kris P. Kreme

Who Dumb It? by Kris P. Kreme

As lightning flashes and thunder rolls, five guests arrive in response to a mysterious invitation, one which promises a life changing experience at the old mansion on Ghostly Hill.

A brainy guy, a beautiful girl, a gossip queen, a jokester, and a bimbo have been invited, and they all have a connection, remembering each other from high school. But why were they invited, and who sent the invitations?

As one of them quickly meets a tragic unexplained fate, the others realize someone or something may be eliminating them one by one in twisted mind altering ways.

But can any one of them solve the mystery before it’s too late? It’s a Readers Choice Mystery where twists come as guests go.


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There’s a good reason they call the surrounding wooded property Ghostly Hill. The old mansion there has been rumored to be haunted for generations and no one ever ventures there at night. But tonight, in the midst of a raging storm, five friends who haven’t seen each other in years have all been invited… but by whom and for what purpose?

Each of the five were sent invitations, mysteriously inviting them at this specific time on this specific date to attend a gathering at the mansion that would change their lives forever. Yet the mystery only grows when the five arrive dressed formally as requested, and realize they each know each other from high school.

While it has been years since they each saw one another, they all have a connection, but just what is that connection and why will it ultimately lead to their demise? A brainy man named Brock, a gorgeous model named Jessica, a Frat guy jokester named Shawn, a stuck up gossip queen named Jennifer, and a simple-minded bimbo named Tanya, have all reunited as guests to someone who hasn’t made themselves known.

As the storm rages outside, as the spooky old mansion seems every bit as spooky and abandoned inside, a force might be at work that none of them suspects… or does one of them know more than they are letting on?

Not long after arriving one of the five falls tragic victim to an accident, but was it really an accident, or is someone among them not who they appear to be, and has chosen to eliminate the others one by one in ways truly most depraved?

It will take a mind to solve this mystery, but unfortunately none of the five guests may have a mind left among them by the end of the night in this Kreme twist on the classic whodunnit tale.

Readers Choice Month gets downright mysterious and this time the smartest twist may be Who Dumb It?


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