Don’t twitch during the Selfies

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #53 - Happy Humpy Easter & Seven Minutes

Selfies from Kastle Kreme #53 – Happy Humpy Easter & Seven Minutes

Easter is over but you can still dress up, though if you find bunny ears, undressing might become MUCH more fun. And before April ends, be sure and enjoy April Flowers… in ways that might end her forever. No need to hunt, another fresh batch of Selfies is here for your Easter basket!

This Selfies includes:

Happy Humpy Easter – When the pastor of a church has to make do without an Easter Bunny costume, his daughter solves the problem, the two finding bunny ears and puff ball tail for her to wear. But wearing them will do something to everyone who breathes in the unusual scent they give off. It’s a series of accidental obsessions, one innocent mind at a time, but all will end up having a very Happy Humpy Easter.

Seven Minutes – April Flowers is the girl everyone liked, yet every boy felt helplessly teased by. It wasn’t that she was cruel, very much the opposite. It was just that April always knew how best to use the assets that were her perfect supple body. Now she’s having one final party, and no one misses an April Flowers party, even if this one is at the house where strange things once happened.


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