There’s some urges in the Grab Bag

The Grab Bag #54 - Population Inflation & Smells like Success

The Grab Bag #54 – Population Inflation & Smells like Success

Spring is in the air, and so is something else… a taste, a scent, an indefinable urge. Some urges may push a normal man to singlehandedly boost the population of a small town. Other urges may fall back to old fashioned values and new fashioned ways of keeping the family growing. Get all you can handle and more with the latest Grab Bag.

This Grab Bag includes:

Population Inflation – There are perfectly sized towns, not too big, not too small, and the town of Seeder’s Grove is one of them. After getting accidentally doused and saturated with rejected fertility treatment chemicals on the outskirts of town, a wandering stranger named Brady will become a modern monster of a man. There will be no nubile flesh that can resist his potent scent, his brooding breeding desires.

Smells like Success – Jason always wanted to be a success. Unfortunately he finds himself out of work, soon to be out of a marriage due to his corporate wife’s anger and teenage daughter’s disrespect. From having everything to feeling like he has nothing, Jason is frustrated by more than just a lack of job prospects. But when a man selling colognes door to door talks him into trying a scent called Success.


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