There’s something odd about that camera

VIdeo Feeds by Kris P. Kreme

VIdeo Feeds by Kris P. Kreme

Pre-pandemic, Stan Gibson and Jarrett McKane found success with Fantastical Features. Thanks to Jarrett’s special camera, all they needed was to surprise people on camera and at Stan’s direction, they became the stars of quite unique porn.

Like many businesses, the pandemic hurt production, no one answering their doors, social distancing, and so Stan and Jarrett had to get creative as spring came and the world slowly opened back up.

Video Feeds was a free consultation for women to interview on camera and reveal inner strengths, talents, better tap into their own unique success.


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It’s a rainy spring day, the kind that would usually turn off the idea of travel, but a number of very different women are going to find themselves more than just turned on to travel after showing up to a company they’ve never heard of before.

Promised free consultations to evaluate the women, to help them focus on their strengths and natural talents, guaranteeing improved profiles, online social hits and followers, and to literally feed their future, Video Feeds seems like an offer they can’t refuse. After all it’s completely free and each of these women could use a boost, whether it’s too their confidence in themselves, their budding online presence, or just their schooling and career to come. But little do these women suspect that the man who greets them, Stan Gibson, along with his camera operator and business partner Jarrett McKane, have very different intentions.

The truth is that Fantastical Features spent years providing the kind of porn most people never imagined was very much more than mere porn. The special effects were not effects, and just the production of those porn features forever changed the performers in ways they’d never recover from. Every fetish had been covered in ways audiences never saw before, and for Stan and Jarrett, business was booming.

And then came the pandemic, and like so many businesses, Fantastical Features suffered. They couldn’t keep doing re-releases, and with no one answering their doors, it was impossible to recruit new talent with their special on camera transformational surprises. But when the pandemic started to finally fade, when vaccines brought people back into the world, Stan and Jarrett saw a unique opportunity, and it’s one which may become their new permanent business front… Video Feeds.

If they can’t go to the homes of their new starlets, then maybe they can get them to come to them. The free consultation company for women needing to hone personalities, skills, talents, to boost their liquid assets and make their future more productive is a perfect front for luring them into porn… and thanks to Jarrett’s newly upgraded camera, there’s simply no way these women will escape a most pleasurable fate.

Katie Cassidy is a budding influencer online who already has earned quite the following at her young age. But part of being a successful influencer is knowing a good thing, and gaining more hits and followers is certainly worth her time here at Video Feeds… but just how literal are the hits this gorgeous redhead takes when she realizes the potential of growing her audience through much more than just rough sex and an abuse only she can take?

Linny Lee is a gorgeous and highly intelligent young Asian student who sees this as an opportunity to boost her public persona. Planning on going for her master’s degree in the field of bio-sciences, she might realize that there are many theories about what affects the mind… but can too much pleasure really turn her into a stupid slut?

Bessa Sampson has showed up with her husband, Damian, a large black man who’s frustrated and suspicious of the whole situation. The last thing he wants is to spend half the day in a waiting room for some scam, even if the scam is completely free of cost. But for Bessa just wanting to show some independence from her husband and boost her own liquid assets as the flyer promised… she might discover plenty of liquid assets she never knew she had, and her husband might be just fine with squeezing those liquids out.

Notoriously shy, Hannah Hettaker has never broken out of her shell, a mousy haired young woman in her twenties whose roommate practically shoved her out the door to come here. The truth is Hannah would as soon as get the whole thing over with, but if it helps break some of her shyness, that would be nice too. What really might be broken is Hannah’s inhibitions, especially when presented with the problem of too much cock.

Finally Paul Cooper has brought his daughter Melanie Cooper, a senior in high school, a future leader he just knows. Melanie is already going to be graduating with honors soon but the way Paul figures it, these professionals can help out with public speaking tips and tricks, a real boost to his daughter’s future leadership skills. The irony is that Melanie Cooper might not be doing much speaking with her mouth too full of dick when she and her dear daddy discover another more lucrative and successful future she can have… as an eager little whore.

Stan and Jarrett are no strangers to meeting strangers and giving those strangers even stranger transitions into the most uniquely themed porn productions. But even they’ve never had quite the success that Video Feeds may bring… on a rather rainy day one spring.


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