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Under Cover by Kris P. Kreme

Under Cover by Kris P. Kreme

James Landon, top CIA agent, has a highly important undercover assignment. After years of remaining elusive, notorious international sex trade criminal Dimitri Ramirez has surfaced.

But for James to get close enough to plant a tracking dot on Ramirez, he will need to go undercover in ways no agent ever has using a classified piece of technology called a genetic displacement alteration device.

Worn as a patch, supplemented by additional woven technology disguised as ordinary clothing, James Landon will temporarily become Jamie Landon, a gorgeous seductive looking woman.

But when James ignores safety protocol will Jamie be a permanent fate the agent never prepared for?


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James Landon is the best of the best at what he does, and everyone is well aware of it because James Landon is not afraid to remind them. But as arrogant and overly-confident as James can be, he is also an essentially relied upon brilliant CIA spy whose latest mission might just go wrong in all the right ways.

Called in by the old man himself, the boss who is well aware of James’ cavalier attitude about mission success, he’ll find that this isn’t the typical mission preparation Thaddeus usually walks him through.

It seems that the agency has finally tracked down the elusive most wanted criminal Dimitri Ramirez and an undercover agent will need to get close enough to plant a tracking dot on Ramirez in order to hopefully do more than merely catch the man. Wanted for running the most notorious sex trade internationally, Dimitri Ramirez won’t be easy to get close to without far more planning than the agency has, especially as James Landon is a last minute replacement for the agent they intended to use. So for this assignment, James is going to redefine undercover.

As Thaddeus explains, James Landon, the most macho man around, will be going undercover… as a woman.

But this will be much more than a mere disguise as Ramirez would easily see through even the best disguises, and his men are very familiar with all CIA personnel. James Landon will be implementing what the agency calls a genetic displacement alteration device, a small highly classified patch applied to the back of his neck the allows for literal molding into whatever disguise needed, in this case a highly attractive young woman.

Even Thaddeus admits the technology will be pushed to the limit of what it’s capable of, so James Landon has to absolutely pay attention to safety protocol, something the rather cocky agent is not well known for despite his high success rate in the past.

Among the other various gadgets disguised as everything from gloves to earrings, the patch is the most important, most experimental piece of CIA tech James has ever used, and while he isn’t so sure something could really do what Thaddeus claims, even he has to admit… or is it she has to admit, it’s success is obvious as he changes for his assignment there in the lab.

But James… or rather Jamie’s assignment comes with very strict rules. Unlike his usual rash destructive behavior on missions, Jamie absolutely can NOT let her blood pressure get too high, must remain calm, and must focus on the mission. It should be simple for a sexy looking young woman in an evening gown to get close to Dimitri Ramirez at a meeting he is having downtown. All she needs to do is plant the tracking dot and leave, nothing else.

But what happens when Jamie Landon proves as assertive as James Landon at a key moment and Ramirez’ men realize she must be a spy? What happens when a chase and gun battle ensue and heart rate, blood pressure, and overall stress go through the roof because of Jamie’s diminished strength as a woman?

The brilliant top agent turned top-heavy agent may just be finding himself herself for a lot longer than ever intended. When an undercover mission is fucked it usually just fails, but Jamie Landon will be giving new meaning to the words Under Cover.


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