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Berry Bad Behavior by Kris P. Kreme

Berry Bad Behavior by Kris P. Kreme

Nick has always been the guy girls enjoy being around, which is probably why his girlfriend Alison, his sister Taylor, and her best friend Maya are enjoying the hike into the woods for a camping trip this summer.

But if Nick is the reason they are enjoying themselves, his tagging along loser of a roommate Freddy is the exact opposite, the one downside to a fun trip into the wild.

Always leering at the girls, making comments, and being beyond creepy, Freddy is a guy no one respects… at least until some unknown berries give Freddy a boost that redefines what wild really is, and unleashes some Berry Bad Behavior.


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Nick has always been the big man on campus, a regular man’s man, and overall a real standup guy, but behind every decent guy seems to lurk a creepy perv of a friend and for Nick that friend has been Freddy ever since they became roommates.

As a summer outing, Nick has decided to take his girlfriend Alison, along with his sister Taylor and her best friend Maya hiking in the woods, lanning to find a nice spot and camp out. But of course his loser roommate and guy he more tolerates than cares about Freddy has tagged along.

It’s blatantly obvious why Freddy, the out of shape perv, decided to even come on the hike as all he tends to do when not breathlessly complaining about the hiking is ogling the girls and making crude comments about them to his jock roommate Nick. Every girl on campus is aware of Freddy, his nickname Freddy the Fuckup well earned. Nothing could ever make any girl think differently about a creep like Freddy… could it?

It’s during one of the last legs of an exhaustive hike to the campsite that a mindlessly fantasizing Freddy accidentally bumps into Alison, Nick’s always viciously dominant sister Taylor turning and giving the clumsy idiot a hard shove… sending Freddy tumbling awkwardly down into a pretty tight spot he can’t get out of without some help.

Of course it’s up to Nick, the only real man in the group, to help his unwelcome hiking guest. But while waiting for the assist, annoyed at the bitch who shoved him down in this wedge valley filled with plants he certainly can’t identify, Freddy discovers some berries and does the one thing Nick warned all of them about before heading into the forest.

Never touch or eat anything if you don’t know what it is, Nick had said, but Freddy is exhausted, and besides the berries taste incredible… better than anything he’s had in a very long time, with a kick like much more than just energy drinks. But could those berries be doing a lot more than merely giving Freddy the energy he needs to survive this frustrating hike in the woods?

As soon as Nick manages to get to him, Freddy is practically taking the lead on the way back to camp, feeling stronger than ever, even surprising Nick with the joking punches he throws, talking more bluntly than ever about just what he thinks of the girls, and all the fun those girls could be nice and isolated out here in the middle of the woods.

Finally at camp, Freddy the Fuckup is acting more fucked up than usual, sitting there doing nothing, mostly staring at the girls while everyone else does the work of setting up their own tents. But as soon as the opportunity presents itself Freddy is giving off more than bad berry breath making his usual brand of crude comments and comeons towards the girls… but one whiff of that berry breath might have them reacting in a way the constant loser with women hasn’t seen before.

Just what will happen when Freddy takes the beyond bold step of cornering a couple of the girls in one of the tents… especially when Nick notices he’s seemingly wandered off and goes looking for his wild berry eating nuisance of a roommate, never knowing he’s actually leaving all the girls alone with a mysteriously enhanced and freakishly horny loser like Freddy?

Freddy was always a real fuckup, in more ways than one, and he probably heard more than a few times the suggestion to go take a hike. But who could have ever known that taking that hike might just unleash the darkest fantasies his dirty depraved mind ever had in ways where anything was possible?

Bad behavior isn’t uncommon, especially during Readers Choice Month, but this isn’t just bad behavior… it’s Berry Bad Behavior.


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