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The White Board by Kris P. Kreme

The White Board by Kris P. Kreme

Bambi never stands out in the crowd, a skinny stick figure of a shy teacher whose long red hair is about all anyone notices. But she always does what others fail to do… the right thing.

On a hot summer day when Bambi is ready to begin Summer School with several troubled boys, doing the right thing may cost her everything.

An old woman walking alone in the heat, her car broken down, Bambi picks her up and gives her a ride. And in thanks, the old woman claims to put a blessing on the whiteboard Bambi has for her students.

That blessing will supposedly make whatever is written on the board fact and focus to them, but what happens when they write crude things about poor Bambi?


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While Bambi was never the one to stand out in a crowd, she was always the one to do what that crowd didn’t want to do, which is why she finds herself pulling the old station wagon she drives over onto the side of the road where the worn and weary old woman walks. But how could she ever suspect that no good deed goes unpunished and hers will be a uniquely extreme one?

Concerned about the old weathered woman trudging along alone in the scorching summer heat, Bambi offers a ride, since the old woman’s car broke down some ways back. And as the appreciative woman gets in and cools off, she strikes up a conversation, sharing that her name is Ethel and that she just was walking to her home. Ethel learns that Bambi was heading in to start her first day of Summer School lessons with a small number of troubled boys, carrying a whiteboard in the back of the station wagon to try and provide more visual appeal to the most reluctant of students.

And as they travel along, Bambi being her usual kind self, Ethel offers a reward for the charitable act of picking her up, a Native American blessing on the whiteboard, the idea of it seeming a little silly to Bambi but as the old woman does live on a reservation she doesn’t express such a thought. Whatever the case, Ethel places the blessing, claiming that whatever is written on the whiteboard will now be taken as absolute fact and become the true focus of those students Bambi is teaching. She hopes that such a blessing will make learning more fun for everyone.

But as Bambi drives off and Ethel’s grandson learns of the blessing, he worries that his grandmother doesn’t fully appreciate the strength of her powers for the ritual she was to perform that day… that the blessing may be too strong.

What’s the worst that could happen though, a blessing that makes anything written on the whiteboard absolute fact and the focus of those writing it or reading it? Bambi is about to find that out as she sets up her class, writing her first name on one corner of the board.

The students she is dealing with have little tolerance for learning, but they may quickly learn the power of the whiteboard even if they don’t realize what they are doing. When Bambi leaves the room to check on something, one of them mockingly writes the word BUSTY above Bambi’s name on the board, and their jokes about her being a stick figure instantly change to crude comments about how nobody looks at Bambi’s face when she has a rack like she does.

But when Bambi, out of the classroom while the whiteboard is being written on, finds herself somehow impossibly changing… can she possibly stop the changes from only getting more extreme? Is Bambi helpless to end up a busty bimbo incapable of teaching anything? Could she end up even worse?

They say no good deed goes unpunished, but Bambi’s unfortunate punishment may be just the reward her students always wanted.


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