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SINtendo Explore and More by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo Explore and More by Kris P. Kreme

Raquel believes a new game she found will break her introverted socially isolated son out of his shell. She just never imagines how that game will affect the world around him.

A special augmented reality game, Explore and More only works around more than one other person, scanning and pulling real people into gameplay as characters.

So Mason will step outside his comfort zone by taking a bus ride around the city by himself, face buried in his game with isolating headphones on, seeing what happens.

But just what happens to the real person when Mason defeats their game character through uniquely SINtendo adult-oriented means?


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Raquel is a concerned mother, willing to do anything to help break her son Mason out of his isolated shell. But she may not have ever imagined that breaking Mason out of his shell may break a whole lot of other people in the process, including herself.

She’s always been fiercely independent and strong-willed, which makes it all the more concerning to have a shy awkward son like Mason who never looks anyone in the eyes, never speaks up, and generally seems to spend all his time alone in his bedroom with his entire focus on one of his video games. But after Raquel’s endless searches online for any sort of proactive solution to get Mason out of his isolated shell, have him venturing out of his safety net into the real world, she may have just found the solution.

It’s a handheld video game called Explore and More, a unique handheld designed to boost social activity since it only works around more than one person, so it won’t even work in their house since it’s just the two of them. And while Mason is intrigued as he is about most anything labeled a video game, even he doesn’t fully understand what his mother got him.

As Raquel understands it and explains, Explore and More is a game that lets the player explore the world around them by incorporating that world into the gameplay. Everyone within a range of the player holding the portable game will be scanned or detected by a multitude of cameras all over the outside of the game itself. They will then be made into game characters that the player can do whatever the game requires with. It’s a form of augmented reality gaming, made for those who aren’t comfortable going outside their comfort zones, which is perfect for someone like Mason.

Definitely interested in playing a new game to see what or how such gaming is even possible, Mason isn’t entirely sure about his mother’s idea, putting him on a city bus and letting him simply ride that bus through the routes until it ends up right back where she drops him off. As Raquel puts it, it’s a simple way of getting him out around other people where he won’t need to look those people in the eye or interact directly with them… which is the only way Mason would ever do such a thing.

Mason is fascinated when he sees that the Explore and More game unit is labeled with a certain company name he has heard of but never seen before, SINtendo, a company he only explains to his mother is out of Japan.

Since the game comes with noise isolating headphones to be worn during gameplay, Mason agrees to the idea of going on a bus ride to see what and how a SINtendo game might work with augmented reality in such a way, and so Raquel wearing a fancy pink dress she knows will get her unwanted attention, takes Mason to the bus stop in the nearby park. As she puts it, he will be stepping outside his comfort zone and so will she, dealing likely with the unwanted attention the dress always has gotten an attractive mother like her.

But when Mason gets on the bus and starts playing Explore and More, will his gameplay be playing games with the other riders on that bus in ways no one knew possible?

The augmented reality is great, the screen of the game allowing him to zip around and see incredibly lifelike versions of all the people on the bus, even with little made up character names for each. His goal as the game explains simply enough is to defeat each and every character in range through the use of little arrows he can shoot into them. The arrows have multiple effects on different characters, and can turn others against each other or make them obsessed with others, all to better defeat each and every one. As the game puts it, defeat is defined as complete destruction to either mind or body, and there are limitless ways for that defeat to be represented.

The sample scenes of gameplay defeat are very much why it has a mature rating, Mason thinks, and seeing the very adult interactions only has him eager to try the game out, slipping into his own world while also exploring the world around him from the comfort of a city bus.

What Mason could never imagine as he tries out the aggression arrows, lust arrows, and even something called toy arrows, is that the ones scanned into his Explore and More gameplay are in fact real people, their actual names the character names he sees, and whatever happens in his game is happening to them all for real.

So while Mason loses himself to the fun gameplay, he never knows that the bus passengers besides him are turning on each other and in many cases getting turned on, their minds and bodies abused and used and ultimately defeated in a variety of creatively twisted ways.

But what will happen when the bus pulls back up and Raquel sitting on the bench waiting happens to be within range of her awkward and isolated son’s game? Will he play the game to defeat even her, never realizing it is much more than her image scanned in that gets defeated? Will Mason ever find out what has become of the bus passengers he played games with, passengers who have either lost minds or bodies to the gameplay of a game they never knew they were a part of… SINtendo Explore and More.


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