SINtendo requires concentration

SINtensity by Kris P. Kreme

SINtensity by Kris P. Kreme

Dakota and Graham couldn’t hate each other more if they tried, the intensity of their bickering driving everyone in their home crazy. But when Dakota’s mother Maggie says something has to be done, will the solution Graham’s father Gavin comes up with only make things worse?

Reaching out to his cousin Kevin, Gavin is sent a pieced together game from Kevin’s uncle who happens to be intimately familiar with all things SINtendo. This game promises to bring Graham and Dakota together, playing side by side to defeat a mysterious fantasy enemy known only as SINtensity.

But will it bring them together in ways the hateful teens never wanted, and their parents never imagined?


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The summer may be fading fast but temperatures have never been hotter than they are in one blended household. Maggie has noticed it most of all, her daughter Dakota and her husband Gavin’s son Graham practically at war all the time over one bit of nonsense or another.

Whether it’s Dakota constantly overreacting to Graham calling her tiny or a little girl, or Graham snapping Dakota’s overalls she likes to frequently wear, there seems no end to the escalating violence between the fellow high school seniors. As much as Maggie is exhausted trying to wrangle the bickering of their kids, she isn’t at all sure that Gavin has such a great idea when he comes in from the garage after a particularly explosive argument between them.

Gavin, it seems, got a call from a cousin he used to spend a lot of fun time with as a kid, at least before that cousin got into some weird stuff with his own family. That cousin happens to be Kevin, the first in a long line of SINtendo related madness that spread from overseas in this country. And while Kevin has long since grown up and embraced that madness, in part thanks to his uncle who introduced him to the world of adult gaming, he thinks he has a solution for Gavin’s problems.

Having told Kevin about the sheer intensity of the arguments, the bickering, the kids at each others’ throats all the time, Kevin says he bets his uncle can put together a game or something from the ones he has collected and restored over the years. This game, he thinks, will bring Graham and Dakota together in ways neither could ever have imagined… and in ways Maggie never would have intended.

A week later Graham and Dakota come home, violently arguing as always, and Gavin has just hooked up the pieced together game in the living room. It’s a game called SINtensity, about an evil presence of the same name that is corrupting the land of innocence, now known as SINnocence. Told the kids have to give it a chance, play the game, figuring what’s the worst that could happen, Gavin and Maggie are soon in the kitchen hoping the kids won’t use the game controllers to beat each other to death.

According to the game premise, this game feeds off the existing intensity and focuses it for the players to work together in supposedly defeating the enemy known only as SINtensity. But what happens when Graham and Dakota simply can’t work together, arguing, insulting each other, and generally spending more time complaining than trying to figure out the controls?

What happens when the powerful enemy proves more real than they imagined, his punishing blows actually felt by them on the couch? And ultimately what happens when one is nearly defeated, the other offered a choice of turning on them, helping to corrupt and defile them forever with a reward never imagined?

SINtendo September revisits the origins of SINtendo to tell a truly twisted tale of all new sibling rivalry with all new extremes in a family that quickly discovers their connections to SINtendo come with more intensity than anyone can handle… a SINtensity that handles them well.


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