Something sweet to bring Krismas 2022 to a close

Cane's Candy by Kris P. Kreme

Cane’s Candy by Kris P. Kreme

Working diligently in a drab and dreary basement lab, Richard Cane helps bring new hard candies to the consumer. He also currently deals with a remarkably perky lab assistant named Katee.

When Katee helps him out by taste testing one of the new candy canes he put together, will it leave her with an oral obsession that dulls her mind and swells her body in ways just as unnatural as the ingredients Richard Cane unknowingly put into the candy?

Calling for help from the company that provided the synthetic peppermint blend, Richard deals with Trance-tory Food Products, and his science-minded attitude about dealing with a perky lab assistant may change forever.


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Richard Cane is a purely logical, science-minded man, working a thankless job in his underground lab as part of a company that develops new candies. But this Christmas he may get thanked in ways he never thought possible after his perky lab assistant suffers some unique side effects taste testing new peppermint candy canes.

Over the years, Richard has dealt with all sorts of lab assistants, but he never had one like Katee, whose bubbly perky personality is too sweet for even a candy company. Still, she has proven helpful and eager to do the job, even if the job is remarkably boring.

Today though presents an opportunity to actually see some real results as Richard Cane is about to taste test three different varieties of seasonably fitting candy canes. Each one uses a slightly different bio-chemical makeup of properties from a new synthetic peppermint blend that Richard was given access to for his research.

But in a company where the purpose is to study synthetic blends to help foods last longer without causing health concerns, are these candy canes going to cause much more than mere concerns over health?

Stuck in a basement lab with no windows, having worked there diligently for ten years, Richard Cane has to take his excitement where he gets it, so taste testing the candy canes is a big day… but that day may just get bigger than he can handle as Katee licks that first candy cane.

Writing down her feedback and taking notes, Katee it seems quickly develops a rather ravenous oral obsession and finishes off the candy cane. But when she suckles on her fingers after, finding an ever-increasing need to have something in her mouth, is this a serious side effect or something else?

When rather localized and unusual swelling seems to show up in Katee, Richard knows something is seriously wrong, but calling the provider of the synthetic peppermint blend, Trance-tory Food Products, will he find the antidote to stop Katee from becoming a busty bimbo forever too hard to administer?

The 12 Days of Krismas leaves you with a minty aftertaste, that may just take over your every thought and desire.


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So closes Krismas with the Kreme 2022…

Koming very, very soon…

The 1000th work of Kreme!