Nov 05 2012

Now Available! Double D Prints – Kustom Kollection #4!

The Kreme Halloween has been delayed, but the Kreme Kustom Kollection marches on! Get ready for your close up as only kremey photography can handle, with Double D Prints!

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Double D Prints - Kustom Kollection #4

Double D Prints – Kustom Kollection #4

In Kreative Liberties, Rob has been living the good life ever since he discovered an incredible photo manipulation and scrapbooking computer program called Kreative Memories. His girlfriend Abby has enthusiastically embraced her new slutty side and both have enjoyed Emily, who used to drag Abby out to clubs in search of replacing Rob in Abby’s life. These days, Emily is a whore who Rob and Abby use to pay bills and take care of expenses. Of course life still can have complications even when you have it all.

Abby wants Rob to take care of just a couple of concerns she has in her new life. One is the tattoo he gave her. She’d like it toned down just a bit if possible. The other concern is that her mother is coming for a visit and is sure to notice her daughter’s transformation. So Rob has to make some changes meaning it’s time to add some pages to the Kreative scrapbook he created.

When Rob finds out that the program refuses to allow him to tone down previous changes, he has no choice but to push forward and take some Kreative Liberties of his own. In the end, everyone is happy, including Abby and Emily’s moms who pop in for a friendly visit. This story follows the previous Kustom story, Kreative Konsequences, found in Kustom Kollection #2.

In Red Light , Green Light,  Ashlynn Chan finds herself stuck overnight in Amsterdam, after an unfortunate train delay. She is not happy to be in such a disgusting place, having long heard the stories of the whores of Amsterdam. She finds the city to be only worse than she could have expected and for some reason other drunken visitors to the city believe that an exotic beauty like her must be one of the famed whores herself.

She’s bothered by their assumptions, angered by her predicament, and finding out she will need to stay the night only makes things go from bad to worse. Fortunately a kindly, if strange old woman, offers her directions to a place she can stay the night. As Ashlynn makes her way to this mysterious location, she finds herself in the Red light district and quickly discovers that the communication gap may have just given the old woman the wrong impression.

After encountering some drunken suitors eager to experience a night with Ashlynn, eager to have her be their special whore, Ashlynn Chan realizes that there may be truth to the rumors of this city hiding a sickness, a disease that is spread by touch, one where she is changing into every man’s fantasy. In the end, will Ashlynn escape Amsterdam or will she give the Green Light for serving in the Red Light district and leave her old life behind?

Kustom Kollection #5 is already in production thanks to readers like you! You too can have your own place in the Kustom Kollection by kontacting the author with your very own kremey request. Few requests are ever turned down.



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