Jan 01 2013

The cover that was too hot for Amazon and Smashwords…

AnimeDNA - Uncensored Cover

AnimeDNA – Uncensored Cover

It takes a lot of time for a Kreme Kover to be baked to perfection. Now, most of the time there’s only one cook that stirs the batter, shapes the dough and adds the frosting. Most of the time there isn’t a problem.

Sometimes there is.

Sometimes Amazon has a problem with the cover being too racy, or Smashwords doesn’t like something else on the cover. When that happens, then some of the recipe changes and the Kover is a little… different… than what the Kreme’s recipe says it should be.

And when that happens, then there is a some added content to share for readers of the Kreme.

AnimeDNA was released recently,but with a censored cover. Here’s the uncensored one.

As part of some changes here on my site for 2013, there will be more images that I have created appearing as well as some other content that won’t be appearing elsewhere.

The Kreme wishes you all a kremey 2013!