Jan 23 2014

The Paranormal Ending will leave you guessing…

Paranormal Ending by Kris P. Kreme

Paranormal Ending by Kris P. Kreme

Paranormal Entry was only the opening. Paranormal Exit made you believe it was over. Paranormal Ending will show you that the truly perverse has only just begun.

Special agents sent by the federal government to follow up with on-site paranormal investigators find themselves participants in the final awakening of a power which has fed for years on the innocent souls which entered Deliniac Tower.

A tale decades in the making reaches a conclusion nobody will see coming.

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The dark history of Deliniac Tower has almost as many stories as the tower itself, tales of twisted terror, paranormal perversions, and electric eroticism as powerful as the constant storms which plague the mountains where it is located. Those stories all have led up to one ending, one conclusion which may just be the beginning of something truly evil.

The forces at work within the walls of Deliniac Tower have claimed innocent lives in ways rumored to be obscenely perverse, yet all that remains of those who vanished inside are the rumors. Stories have surrounded the site for so long that finally the government is getting involved, the truth behind the paranormal soon to be uncovered.

When special agents from the FBI are brought in to check on the progress of a small group of international paranormal investigators, neither has an extreme amount of enthusiasm for the assignment.

Having been demoted and partnered up as punishment for attitudes unbecoming federal agents, May Chong and Devon Cainiled already have a bumpy relationship forming, and the bumps aren’t all due to the chopper taking them to Deliniac Tower.

Once there, the two meet an experienced team who are conducting highly sensitive and complex research to get to the bottom of all the ghostly activity possessing the structure itself. What follows is a very heavily escalating series of mishaps and mayhem which feed a presence within the forms of everything in the old building.

Suspicions of a lust demon may be closer to the truth than either federal agent suspects, or they might just be a red herring taking everyone’s focus off of the motives each and every member has in this paranormal study. Is someone hiding the truth? Will the researchers discover what drives the forces within Deliniac Tower? Or will they all find themselves suffering the same fates as those who came before them?

Discover the ultimate ending which may only be the beginning of a series first brought to you in 2013. This 13th unlucky Kreme Kustom Single is filled with the most twisted perverse paranormal yet and bound to leave you fearing the mysterious mountain tower which never stops consuming those who enter its doors.

Paranormal Ending will leave you guessing until the final scene, a mystery, horror, and action tale, all with the Kreme’s special blend of seasoning.


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