Jul 19 2014

Readers, please hold… Operators will be with you shortly.

Hold Time May Vary by Kris P. Kreme

Hold Time May Vary by Kris P. Kreme

A little trouble with her cable leads Savannah Benbow into more trouble than she’s prepared for. Phoning the support line with Trance-tory Cable, Savannah soon finds herself dealing with bizarre automated voices, personal questions she is humiliated to answer, and live representatives accusing her of not being Savannah Bimbo but actually being a slut.

It’s just another day dealing with the all-controlling corporation that is Trance-tory.

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Savannah Benbow is having issues with her cable and unfortunately the only solution is to deal with Trance-tory Cable’s incredibly annoying mostly automated tech support on the phone.

From the very beginning of the call, she is already bothered more than her beginning headache will put up with, the automated voice misunderstanding confirmation of her name as Savannah Bimbo. As though being insulted by a machine isn’t bad enough the automated system is tedious, slow, and repetitive to no end.

Savannah is tired of sitting there staring at her phone, dealing with this stupid tech support where she’s not actually receiving any support, but when the automated system asks her to answer a short series of questions, things really get strange.

From questions about her looks to very personal questions about how sexually active she currently is, Savannah has just about had enough from the Trance-tory help line. Of course nothing compares to the fact the automated machine she is speaking to apparently can use her cell phone’s camera to see her more directly.

Tired of putting up with all this nonsense, Savannah demands to speak to a live person, a request the automated system seems unusually compliant to offer, though of course at the cost of an exhaustively unknown amount of hold time.

The hold music might just be the last straw for Savannah Benbow as she sits there waiting for an actual human to talk to, just to report that her cable service is not working properly.

When human help finally comes on the line, frustration flies through the roof as very quickly Savannah’s cable troubles are blamed on one simple confusion. As the Trance-tory Cable operator puts it, clearly Savannah is no bimbo. Clearly she is a slut.

Discover the joys of modern phone support, the way only Trance-tory can provide. Will Savannah ever be taken off terminal hold? Will her cable ever function properly again? Will she find herself driven dumb by the insanity of automated phone support or will Savannah Benbow choose between being a bimbo and a slut so that television viewing is the least of her concerns?

Find out in the exciting all dialogue tale bringing Trance-tory back to life, Hold Time May Vary.


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