Sep 24 2016

Even in Hell there’s a Remote chance… usually.

A Remote Chance in Hell by Kris P. Kreme

A Remote Chance in Hell by Kris P. Kreme

A sales rep for an electronics chain, Luke is used to visiting tech conventions around the country, but it’s one in Hell, Michigan that might just truly corrupt him.

After a freak lightning strike surges through the small TV in his room while testing out an inventor’s remote control, Luke passes out only to wake up with porn on the TV and a porn sized dick in his pants.

Walked in on by the maid, he discovers that no girl can resist it, their bodies and their minds twisting upon laying eyes on it, becoming perverted porn versions of themselves.

Is there a solution to all of this, or are the odds of such a thing little more than A Remote Chance in Hell?


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While he’s certainly good at his job with the discount electronics chain Bust Buy, famed for busting the bottom on prices, Luke Berry never expected that his work would lead him straight to Hell.

However during an unusually hot late summer, that is precisely the destination, Hell, Michigan, where Tech Con is taking place over the course of three days.

Despite the location or the name, Luke couldn’t feel better about attending a tech convention, not when he’s always had a natural knack for knowing the next biggest trend, speaking with vendors, getting the dirt on new products to better boost his company’s sales.

A man rapidly approaching middle aged, single with a nineteen year old son back home, everyone likes Luke, the obvious exception being his ex. In truth he’s never had all that much success with the opposite sex. Unfortunately, or fortunately, Luke’s life is about to take a most unexpected turn in Hell, a chance encounter with a man who hammers on his door one morning at the hotel.

The bizarre little man seems like a nutcase, particularly when he tells Luke the reason for his visit, claiming to be an inventor and proudly proclaiming his product will be the next big electronics breakthrough, one that will change everything.

Looking at the completely ordinary television remote control, Luke barely raises an eyebrow wondering just why the crazies always seem to show up in places like this.

Listening to the man’s spiel, Luke discovers that maybe the guy has something, at least when he claims that this remote is truly universal, controlling every television simply by aiming it at them, no complicated programming, no anything, nice and simple.

When he further explains that it uses no batteries and the power cell built inside it will last an estimated 75 years, Luke definitely has some interest, at least in the potential of this weird man’s product.

So there Luke Berry is, Hell, and with a weird man offering him a product to run some trials on, take back to his bosses at Bust Buy. It’s not the first time an inventor has touted their product at these tech conventions, and likely won’t be the last, but the odds of any of this panning out for the guy are slim to none.

Testing the remote out after the man leaves, Luke’s genuinely surprised when it does seem to turn on the hotel room TV, and yet as Luke scans through channels he notes a distinct distortion in the picture. If the remote this man invented is causing it, there’s a problem, so pocketing the remote he leans over the small TV to check the cable connections in back.

A storm rolling in outside is the last of Luke’s concerns on a day promising to be another busy day at Tech Con, but his day is about to get a whole lot busier, and the business is going to be all pleasure, thanks to a fluke lightning strike outside, a power surge that either shocks or shoots one hell of a blast of static electricity straight from the little TV he leans over.

Falling back, momentarily blinded, Luke quickly yanks the remote from his pants pocket, tossing the still smoking little device across the room. He’s lucky it seems, that the remote took most of the charge, though clearly any further testing is done.

In all the craziness, Luke sees that the surge of power not only ruined the remote and gave him quite a scare, it also flipped channels to the one he always avoids, the adult channel. But as he goes to try and change off it with the regular room remote, Luke finds himself passing out.

It’s when he wakes up, to a pounding he first believes is in his head, that Luke begins his true descent into the madness of Hell.

Every man is used to waking with an erection, but the one Luke awakes to is massive, a freakish one only seen in the features of that channel the television is still tuned to. In a comical series of stumbling and dealing with a new quite impressive thickness in his pants, Luke finds the hotel maid walking right into his room, him on his knees with his pants undone and massive dick straining outward before the porn on television.

However as he locks eyes with the cute latina maid, Luke sees that his own shock at seeing his erection is nothing compared to the reaction a woman has. Everything from her expression to her body instantly seems to go through a rather extreme metamorphosis, the once attractive maid become the stereotypical latina slut, wearing a maid uniform no hotel would ever provide.

Her looks are only the least of what changes, the instant obsessive desire for him to do things only done in porn overtaking her.

After a freakishly passionate encounter, Luke runs from the hotel, desperate to get a grip on this situation, on whatever has happened to him. But the road back from Hell is paved with good intentions it seems, and Luke discovers more and more that every time he so much as sees a girl or woman that turns him on, his mind is falling more and more into the pit of lust and perversion on the plots of porn delve into.

Even worse, any woman who somehow sees his exposed dick, a monstrous thickness that never goes soft no matter how many times he uses it, those women instantly change, whether in body, mind, or both.

Will Luke find out what has happened to him after that remote got fried by a fluke lightning strike in his pants pocket? Will he resist the temptations found around every curve, particularly those curves on the supple young blonde girlfriend of his son’s? Or will Luke give in and enjoy the changes that only a twisted moment of fate and an odd little remote control can offer?

Whatever the case, Luke may have made it out of Hell, but he’s quickly finding his mind on the path right back, and this time there may be no returning.


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