Donnie and Desda return with… pizza.

Frightening Fun when Desda's Done by Kris P. Kreme

Frightening Fun when Desda’s Done by Kris P. Kreme

Things literally goes to hell for a theme party Donnie the dimwitted demon is throwing, and it all starts as soon as his ex Desda comes strolling through the door to his home uninvited.

Bringing a special party gift in the form of exotic mini-pizzas, Desda soon has Donnie in the kitchen while she tends to his six special guests.

A theme party where the girls dressed as the animals they always feared in order to own that fear, Desda works a little demonic magic to own each of them, literally transforming the girls into those humanized creatures, sending all of the guests into a truly bestial heat from which there is no escape.


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There are times of the year where Donnie the Demon doesn’t have a lot of costume customers, but that’s not stopping everyone’s favorite mini-pizza loving demon from throwing a party.

Of course the last thing Donnie expects is for that party to be crashed by a most unexpected visit from Desda his ex. And when she’s bearing gifts in the form of some exotic mini-pizzas from around the world, who is Donnie to turn her away? After all Donnie’s just entertaining six of his oldest and closest friends, several from as far back as the days he lived off the college campus.

Katy, Mina, and Hope had been friends of Donnie’s back before his success with the Costume Castle, and never before had he managed to convince them to wear costumes, and so for this little gathering, he finally succeeded in creating a theme they could support, even if they aren’t thrilled about what they wore.

The party is all about owning their fears, dressing as the animal they always feared most, but when Desda arrives, the girls may just be owning their fears a little more than ever expected, and their three dates might just be discovering the animal urges they all can so easily have for each other.

Always afraid of cats, a fear based on a time one terrified her as a child, the lovely Katy is Donnie’s oldest friend, and the least thrilled about having to dress in cat ears and tail with little whiskers and other makeup to complete the look.

Frightened by mice and rats, the always shy Mina is just as mousy in her literal mouse costume, makeup, mouse tail, and ears finishing the transition.

Finally the exotic Hope has always had an equally exotic fear, her costume a bit simplistic, mostly green makeup to show that she’s a frog.

Tricking Donnie the dimwitted demon was never difficult for Desda, especially when the opportunity to truly fuck with his oldest friends arises, and so once Donnie is convinced he has to keep a close eye on the exotic mini-pizzas in the oven slow cooking for an hour, Desda is back and serving as hostess for the soon to be party animals.

Wearing a special demonic sulfur perfume, Desda is now free to literally fuck with the reality these poor unsuspecting humans exist in, letting that scent waft over each of them as she taunts and teases them.

Inspiring animal lust in the men, this perfume has a unique effect on human females, particularly ones in even the hint of a costume.

All three girls will be literally transforming into the humanized animals they fear most, Katy a cat in heat, Mina a mouse, and Hope literally hopping right to the extremes of animal mating.

Just what forms of chaos will this little party sink to? Will the frightening fun lead to extremes even Donnie can’t imagine? Will those exotic mini-pizzas taste as good as they smell cooking?

Find out in the twisted tale that puts the growl back in getting laid, the squeak back in getting squeezed, and the hop back in straddling a guy with thick sexy green legs.

Another Kustom Kreme Single demanded by readers just like you, Frightening Fun when Desda’s Done. It may not be Halloween, but there’s plenty to scream about when costumes get kinky.


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