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My Eyes are Up Here by Kris P. Kreme

My Eyes are Up Here by Kris P. Kreme

Never one to back down from confrontation, Rebecca isn’t about to let three teenage boys ogle her tits when talking to her. Only as she starts to argue with them, they keep pushing her buttons, as though they are either stupid or intentionally trying to raise her blood pressure.

Will she get the last word in, or will they get something they always wanted from her? Find out in the tale that kindly reminds readers to look a woman in the eyes… at least a few times between staring at her tits.


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Rebecca has never been shy of confrontation, perhaps her dominant head strong attitude the only reason why a woman as attractive as her has remained single so long.

When she sees the mailman driving up on the edge of her pristine manicured lawn, she’s all set to give him a piece of her mind, but along the way three neighbor boys may just claim the whole thing.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows the Robinson triplets, the three teen terrors a true triple threat of arrogant annoyances, yet for whatever reason totally getting away with whatever they want almost ever since they moved in.

As Turner, Tanner, and Trey walk right up before Rebecca can even get the mailman’s attention, they start off right away, tag team questioning her, always playing so innocent when she knows they don’t have an innocent bone in their bodies.

Of course for the triplets it isn’t their bodies they are concerned about, as clearly they can’t even speak looking Rebecca in the eyes.

She knows it’s a bit chillier than she’d anticipated for a June afternoon, but still, those three teen losers can at least try to pay attention to her eyes.

As confident as ever, caring little for embarrassing the troublemaking triplets, Rebecca simply informs them that her eyes are up here, to which they snarkily reply that her tits are down there.

And so begins a verbal argument to end all arguments, Rebecca already pissed off about not getting to confront the mailman. She’ll tell all three of these idiot teens off, at least if her mind doesn’t snap from anger.

However as the argument goes back and forth, Rebecca can’t decide whether the three are actually stupid or just playing a game with her, and it might be a game she discovers too late to have a chance of winning.

Reader’s Choice Month is also women awareness month. Be sure you know where her tits are… but remember or she might just remind you that “My Eyes are Up Here.”


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