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SINtendo SWITCH-er MOO by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo SWITCH-er MOO by Kris P. Kreme

There are so many better things Owen knows he could be doing this weekend with his girlfriend, Sadie, but Sadie’s parents left town and that leaves the two of them helping to finish up chores on the farm.

Still, even Sadie knows how much of a prankster Owen can be, and his latest little prank might leave her forever a farm girl in more ways than one.

Having tinkered around and played with a SINtendo SWITCHbitch, Owen found a neat little fun fact of what happens when the SWITCH is placed on a cow… and then on his lovely girlfriend.


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Sadie had assumed she could count on her boyfriend Owen to help out a little with some chores she promised she’d handle when her parent’s left town. Of course getting Owen to focus on much of anything has never been easy, particularly when her parent’s farm is involved.

As Owen seems oddly distracted and amused over by a fence, Sadie simply tries to keep an eye on him and continue the various tasks one has to do on a functioning farm. But if Owen isn’t making lewd suggestions to his girlfriend, he’s looking away beyond the fence and chuckling like he’s up to something.

Knowing ever since the time Owen disassembled her dad’s tractor and reassembled it up inside his hunting blind that her boyfriend has a serious mischievous side, Sadie confronts him. As it turns out, Owen has been staring and laughing at the very dull look of a cow that is just staring right back.

It isn’t the cow though that has Sadie annoyed, it’s whatever the little silver band is Owen clearly stuck on top of its head. Laughing, Owen rolls his eyes talking about how it’s just a headband, but Sadie knows that headband or not it clearly had poor Bessie freaked out, the cow only moving when she snatches the headband off of her.

Heading into the barn to finish up the chores, Sadie makes Owen come along with her this time, and to keep her long blonde hair in place, she decides to just use the little silver headband he claims he just found laying around.

Only when Sadie has placed the headband on her head does Owen reveal the truth, her arms dropping limply beside her as she stares dully ahead, aware and yet momentarily dazed by the feel of the metal band and what it is clearly doing to her.

It would seem Owen still has every bit the mischievous side, and he also is tired of wasting a perfectly good weekend doing chores for her parents. The headband is actually a device called a SINtendo SWITCHbitch, and as Owen explains to the mind numbed Sadie, usually it is just slipped on a good girl to make her bad or a bad girl to make her good.

However, Owen in all his mischievous messing around, has figured out that slipping the SINtendo SWITCHbitch onto an animal will capture the essence of that animal, the most characteristic traits and purpose of that animal within the SINtendo altering technology. And if the SWITCHbitch is then slipped onto a girl’s head, the animal characteristics and traits will be unleashed right inside her already numbing mind.

Owen wanted some fun time at the farm with Sadie, but Sadie was so focused on being the responsible farmer’s daughter she never suspected Owen might change her plans.

Finding herself incapable of even walking upright, helplessly mooing whenever she simply wants to speak, Owen is doing as he has done before, messing around with her daddy’s farm equipment… only this time it’s the old fashioned milking machine, and Sadie definitely won’t recover from the fun Owen has in mind for the weekend.

They say a productive farm is a successful farm, and thanks to SINtendo, Sadie’s parents will have a very productive farm.. even if she is doing most the producing.

Sadie may have been the one in charge of their activities this weekend, but Owen pulled an unexpected switcheroo, or maybe just a SINtendo SWITCH-er MOO.


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    • Darkwolf on June 27, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    Switchbitch totally needs to end up in more of these SINtendo stories, best addition since the GameGIRL edition.

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