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Seven Minutes by Kris P. Kreme

Seven Minutes by Kris P. Kreme

April Flowers is the girl everyone liked, yet every boy felt helplessly teased by. It wasn’t that she was cruel throughout high school, very much the opposite. It was just that April always knew how best to use the assets that were her perfect supple body.

Now she’s having one final party, and no one misses an April Flowers party, even if this one is an underwear theme party at the notorious house where an escaped maniac once killed partying teens decades earlier.

The game is Seven Minutes in Heaven, but thanks to a little supernatural hell, the seven minutes might just reshape April Flowers and give rise to an all new terrifying tale.


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April Flowers has more than just a funny name; she has the funny distinction of both being genuinely nice and as much a tease as there ever was one. When she throws a final senior party for her fellow graduates of high school at a notoriously haunted house, it might just be funny how April ends up.

Everyone has heard the rumors of the Asylum Attack, a tale told to give goosebumps as it involved partying teens back in the sixties. Those teens held a party quite similar to the one April is throwing, and during the party they played a game that teens have played for as long as teens held parties. It was always called something different; however many might know it as Seven Minutes in Heaven, but those seven minutes turned to hell for the poor victims back in the sixties.

An escaped psychotic inmate from an Asylum nearby hid within that very closet, waiting for the teens to enter that closet. He then killed them in a way he most connected with their worst fears, picking them off slowly, giving rise to a tale of terror any local teen heard more than a few times during high school.

April Flowers though has a different idea, a way to challenge and titillate her friends, having a theme to her party. An underwear party is not the type of party many girls would want to attend, but nobody refused an April Flowers invite, since she was the popular elite. She was the girl every girl wanted to be, and the one every boy just wanted.

So naturally the party is a hit no matter the spooky stories or skimpy undergarments worn. Yet it isn’t until April launches the closet game… Seven Minutes in Heaven, when hell makes an appearance.

Everyone knows the rules, as she says, and everyone knows that this old solid house with the old growth wood doors and thick walls will hide even the loudest of screams from within that closet… though this time they should be screams of passion instead of terror.

At least that’s how it was supposed to go. Told that the couples will have seven minutes, be randomly paired up, and are to admit and feel free to try their wildest fantasies inside the closet, April starts the game out by letting a friend of hers hold a hat, choosing a name from the hat.

Clancy King is the first boy chosen, the one who will then be able to pick from the hat a partner to join him in the spookiest closet in town for just seven minutes. Like April he has a unique and somewhat fitting name, his loner attitude and somewhat morbidly creative streak definitely seeming right on him. And as though fate had stepped in, Clancy draws the name every boy came to the party secretly hoping to draw.. April Flowers.

Naturally she can’t very well turn down her own game, and besides Clancy isn’t bad looking and certainly not some freaky escapee from an asylum.

But once the door is closed, just the two of them in that lighted closet, something about Clancy’s eyes looks just a little bit darker, his posture a bit bolder, and his grin a little more sinister.

They are there to reveal and possibly enjoy their secret fantasies, at the very least to share them, but what happens when Clancy King tells April he always wanted to do very very depraved things to her? What happens when his admitted fantasies become as dark as his eyes do and April realizes no amount of screaming for help will get anyone to open the closet door?

Some closets should never be played in, and some closets can unleash the monster inside you, as poor April Flowers discovers when she gets more than just plucked at her very own party.

Still, it’s a party that will live on in stories for years and years, much like the last one held at that house. A lot can happen in Seven Minutes and a lot of it can be disturbingly fun.


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