Oct 09 2017

Possession is nine-tenths of the law after all…

Charged with Possession by Kris P. Kreme

Charged with Possession by Kris P. Kreme

Penny never thought she’d return to Aunt Geraldine’s large mansion. But a crime has been committed, a priceless pearl bracelet stolen by the butler.

Milton was the nicest man back when Penny visited as a child, but Aunt Geraldine went a little wild, no morals, nothing redeeming and has been missing, presumed dead for a while now. According to the sheriff, Penny can settle the matter, as the closest living relative.

Geraldine was as opposite the shy virginal Penny as one can get, and Penny is humbled returning to the old mansion But what is the truth behind the mysterious bracelet, and is this all a ploy to bring Penny into a frightening family secret?


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Penny has never been too outgoing, and equally never expected to return to her Aunt Geraldine’s sprawling private mansion. It was a place the shy college girl spent time as a kid, only recalling how her mother had a huge falling out with her aunt, how her aunt earned a reputation as a bit of a party girl who lived for the moment, and never grew up.

Now her aunt has been missing, presumed dead, or just run off on some sporadic new life abroad, and the old mansion is being maintained and kept by Aunt Geraldine’s butler, Milton, who was probably the only thing Penny liked about spending summers at the place as a child.

Yet Milton has reportedly been held by the local sheriff, a stolen pearl bracelet in his possession, a bracelet he rants and raves about with nonsense, claiming he wasn’t trying to sell it for the money a priceless bracelet like it could bring. As the closest living relative to the property owner, Penny has been contacted and requested to visit the mansion and speak to the sheriff, to sign for and reclaim the bracelet, and then decide Milton’s fate.

Driven there by her boyfriend Grant, Penny is a bit more shy than usual, having to dress nicely just to feel like they belong in such a huge home, and upon arriving the sheriff isn’t too helpful in explaining the situation.

Grant is the one to notice that the sheriff seems to have eyes for young coeds, but maybe that’s nothing to worry about since Penny is a beautiful young girl, who earns appreciative stares even on campus, but the sheriff is definitely not telling everything, mentioning that Milton has been off a little lately, refusing to get with the program… some local tradition that he’s betraying.

Claiming the bracelet, Penny can see why someone might want to steal it, though not if they didn’t need the money, and the time has come for her to confront Milton, currently in the library.

It’s on the way to the library with the sheriff, Grant suggested to wait down in the foyer since Milton is a bit unstable around new people That’s when Penny slips the bracelet onto her wrist… and that’s when true betrayal begins.

Something in the bracelet is possessing Penny, sweet kind Penny, and slowly whatever that is, is taking charge, quite literally… feeding on her, making Penny the battery and charging up through pure lust in the unfortunate shy girl.

Just what is the secret behind the stolen bracelet, just what does the sheriff know about all of this, and why was Milton trying to avoid Penny ever know about that bracelet, by getting rid of it once and for all? The answer will certainly possess you, and leave you buzzing with a charge like never before.

Penny never knew her aunt all that well, but now she will be closer than ever, thanks to getting Charged with Possession.


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