Oct 11 2017

What’s HallowKreme without SINtendo?

SINtendo DevilDOLL by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo DevilDOLL by Kris P. Kreme

Deanna loves Kyle, a man she was encouraged to date by her daughter, Victoria. Always a good judge of character, it’s saying something when Victoria is willing to help surprise Kyle for his birthday.

But the surprise may be ultimately on them when they set up his gift, a new SINtendo, something Deanna saw was a game system for grown men.

After playing SINtendo DevilDOLL, Deanna is horrified to see her daughter lifeless and white eyed, a doll that can only be saved by having the devil fucked out of her.

What’s worse, Victoria has been erased from all memory besides Deanna, meaning when Kyle walks in he assumes his surprise is the lifelike sex doll in the living room.


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Over 9,000 Words of SINtendo HallowKreme Treats!

Kyle has been a good guy for Deanna, ever since her daughter Victoria encouraged her to start dating again, and today is a very special day, one Kyle actually almost forgot about, since today is Kyle’s birthday.

Fortunately Deanna didn’t forget and when Kyle arrives at her house she knows that a little more time is needed to make sure his special gift is all set to enjoy.

However, sending him off to the grocery store to pick up his birthday cake she ordered, Deanna and her daughter Victoria have no idea the fate Kyle’s gift has in store for them.

Deanna appreciates how mature her daughter is, how quirky her fashions can sometimes be, particularly showing a lot of leg today, but those typical mother daughter issues are nothing when Deanna knows she lucked out finding a guy who isn’t creeping and leering at such a pretty teenage girl.

Even Victoria likes Kyle, which is saying a lot, and both are going to work together quickly while he is gone to set up his birthday gift, something Deanna knows should touch on Kyle’s favorite boyhood memories of playing video games, a brand new gaming system reportedly made for grown men.

Setting this SINtendo system up in the living room, Deanna and Victoria just intend to play a quick game, see what the big fuss is about, and the game that came with it is called SINtendo Devil Doll, a fitting game for the month of Halloween.

Having to choose one player to be the Devil Doll, hardly a thought is given as Victoria volunteers, but after pressing the directional arrows to choose her daughter, Deanna is horrified to see all life drain from Victoria, even her eyes turning all white.

Only after the now motionless empty Victoria sits truly mindlessly on the couch beside her, does Deanna read on the screen just what the point of this game is. Victoria has become the Devil Doll, a doll and nothing more, all of her existence erased from history except to those in the room. In order to get Victoria back as she was, someone of Deanna’s choosing must literally fuck the devil right out of her.

Freaking out, having never heard of such an insane thing, Deanna can only impulsively think of one solution, knowing her daughter has a boyfriend, rushing off to try and get that boyfriend back before time expires and Victoria is a doll forever.

Leaving a note for Kyle asking him to possibly come back by later, saying she had to run some important errands with Victoria, Deanna never even considers one of the key facts about this reality warping game.

Victoria her daughter has ceased to exist, only a doll now, and so when Kyle returns, he reads the note, wondering who this Victoria is, having never heard of her before.

Sneaking a peek in the living room, where Deanna told him his gift would be waiting, imagine Kyle’s surprise to find what he believes has to be that gift, an incredibly lifelike sex doll, something amazing to get from his girlfriend, even noting the resemblance to her, like a younger version of Deanna.

Will Deanna find Victoria’s boyfriend in time, will Kyle resist the temptation to ‘play’ with what he believes to be his birthday gift? And will the lovely young Victoria remain a doll forever?

One thing is certain, SINtendo brings frightening fun for both birthdays… and of course Halloween.


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