Oct 13 2017

A HallowKreme vape is unforgettable…

The Vapid Vape by Kris P. Kreme

The Vapid Vape by Kris P. Kreme

Having always encouraged the eighteen year old boy in the apartment next to hers, Lucy is happy to try something he said his sister recommended for concentration and focus while studying.

Seeking her masters in philosophy, Lucy needs all the help she can get, so when she finds the package she ordered one day after her jog, she’s eager to give this thing called vaping a try.

The special pumpkin spice vape is a seasonal flavor and scent, but as soon as she’s inhaling and trying to focus, concentration is definitely fleeting, and she might just be losing all the education she has worked so hard to obtain.


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Lucy has never been one to entertain fads, but she has become a good friend to the teenager in the apartment next to hers, a kid she sees as a good kid in bad circumstances.
So when Billy says his older sister away at school told him how much vaping can help someone focus and concentrate, she’s all for trying it.

When Billy’s family suffered a big downturn in the economy, they all piled into an apartment the size of Lucy’s and Lucy knows that poor Billy never has friends over, never seems all that confident, only seems interested in much of anything when she’s encouraging him and chatting after her daily jogs.

Studying for her masters in Philosophy, Lucy is as intelligent as she is rigorous in her workouts, but sometimes lately studying has just not been so easy, so she took Billy’s advice, ordered the special Pumpkin Spice Vape from some company called Trance-tory, and is ready to give it a go when she finds the package waiting for her after her jog.

Billy is there as usual and seems eager to hear how she likes the vape after trying it, so Lucy is happy to invite him over later that night. Heading inside, she’s quick to open, read the limited yet simplistic instructions, and start vaping away while she sits down with her materials and laptop in the dining room. She’s instantly amused by the typo made in the instructions where the word vaped was mistakenly written vapid, but as the pinkish hue smoke begins to settle around her, Lucy might just be discovering that perhaps there was no mistake at all.

Is it her imagination or is her focus and concentration even worse than before? Could it possibly be her imagination that her breasts are starting to fill out and expand over her spandex half top from jogging? And just why is she worrying less and less the more she vapes over any of these strange occurrences?

Find out just how scary focusing on your studies can be, with the help of Trance-tory, and perhaps an equally motivated eighteen year old boy who’s certainly willing to spend quality time with Lucy after she spends time sucking on The Vapid Vape.


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