Nov 10 2017

It’s going to be a DONK of a day

A Ri-DONK-ulous Day at the Office by Kris P. Kreme

A Ri-DONK-ulous Day at the Office by Kris P. Kreme

Over 22,000 Words of Kreme!

The surprise sequel to Wishful Inking!

Isaac was the janitor for Moral Missions Inc. Bitchy personnel manager Heather fired him for lewd content on display, a sexy cartoon calendar, tame by most standards.

Enraged at the wrongful termination, Isaac slams a fist on his desk and a dusty DVD is found hidden in a vent.

This forgotten DVD is an adult cartoon about an animated hunk named Donk who alters reality and grants wishes thanks to his enormous pen shaped cock.

But is this an ordinary cartoon or something more? When Isaac watches it, something strange happens and he finds Donk visiting his actual coworkers, serving up perverse justice and fucking them all over far more than they fucked over Isaac.


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Isaac never thought there’d be a day when he felt truly defeated, but today is that day, and it’s all thanks to a menial job at a truly demeaning demoralizing place. Of course there’s plenty of irony to come during his unexpectedly last day on the job at Moral Missions Incorporated.

Working as a janitor, cleaning up messes, making repairs, changing light bulbs, nearly nobody respects Isaac as a fellow employee. He does however have a certain advantage of going unnoticed, picking up all the annoying traits of others in the small branch of Moral Missions, a company that basically in his opinion tells people what is and isn’t right, dictating their morals through legal action aimed at curbing good old entertainment.

Whether it’s the spineless branch manager, Stephen Lodge, who rarely leaves his office and certainly doesn’t have the backbone to be a real man, nobody in the building is without flaws.

Stephen Lodge’s own daughter Paige was the princess of the castle, a petite redhead who might seem like eye candy but would rot any man’s teeth with her bitchy arrogance and demands of advancement by some unknown birthright. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Debbie, who works as secretary to Mr. Lodge but truly just sits there all day playing app games on her laptop and doing little in the way of genuine work. She’s a look pretty type of girl, dark hair, low cut top, just out of college.

There’s more though, more to hate about this sad job where the messes Isaac can’t clean up are really the employees, ones like Julie, the office suck up who has ambition but at the expense of anyone she can run right over to get her way. No one doubts a slender busty blonde will eventually get just what she wants either.

Then there are the ones Isaac can tolerate like Kent, who has a penchant for idle fantasies over the office women, Geoffrey, an older man who mostly has a chip on his shoulder towards the fairer sex, and Beverly, the hot milf of a woman who only took the job as an easy career which took no risks.

But of course the story of what sets Isaac’s day in a truly ridiculous direction all starts with a total bitch named Heather, corporate bookkeeper and hiring manager, the one in charge of all things personnel who easily defied her looks with a hellish bitch attitude all had at one time seen.

Gorgeous, brunette, with a penchant for chewing on pens, Heather has a tendency to go against the morality of any man’s thoughts by wearing short skirts, revealing tops, and then using the leers she might earn as justification for firing them. It’s her alone that likely explains why there are a majority of attractive women on staff with this branch of Moral Missions Inc. but when Heather comes to Isaac’s closet of a janitorial office and tells him they will be terminating his employment, life starts a rather interesting journey to hell and back.

Told that he violated the employee code prohibiting public display of lewd material, Isaac is fuming. He has a calendar hanging in his closet office, where no one can see it, a calendar by one of his favorite animators, and a calendar that merely features busty animated women fully clothed, certainly not nude or anything.

Nothing will change Heather’s mind though and Isaac knows it isn’t worth trying, the bitch always determined to chew away the men like she does those pens, smiling the entire time.

Angrily ranting, packing up his things, enraged at the fact others get away with so much, and bitches like Heather, Paige, and Julie are allowed to get by with everything, Isaac never imagines his anger will lead to the discovery of a lifetime, one which will forever change Moral Missions Incorporated, and the lives of those working behind its doors.

Slamming his fist down on the work table in his closet, angry, frustrated, hopeless about his place in life, a wall vent grate clatters to the floor, and it’s behind that vent where Isaac discovers a dusty old DVD case.

Wiping the dust away, Isaac is shocked to see that this little DVD case holds not only some impressive looking animation, but adult animation at that, an actual adult cartoon.

Isaac always appreciated animation, seeing cartoons as an escape, from disease and death, from the dullness of the real world, a place where sex can take limitless methods and measures, and there are no ugly attitudes or bitchy people who escape their fates.

This little DVD is perfect, he thinks, titled A Ri-DONK-ulous Day at the Office, it seems to be the absolute last thing one would find hidden in an office that exists to censor and demoralize the immoral in all forms of entertainment.

Figuring he already has no more job, Isaac decides to take this DVD to the rarely used conference room and see what this animation is all about, and once there, door safely locked behind him, that is when reality and fiction begin to collide like never before.

The cartoon is about a hunk of an animated man named Donk E. Dickthruster, and this man has a magical cock that is shaped like a pen, a cock that when it cums on someone can grant their inner most wishes in the most perverse ways possible, doing the impossible, creating twisted sexual encounters that can only happen in the cartoon world.

However when Isaac drifts off to sleep and wakes to find himself locked inside the conference room, he isn’t sure whether it’s a dream or some warped reality as the DVD on television starts to play scenes of his own workplace, the hunk known as Donk now wearing a janitorial uniform and cheerily meeting all Isaac’s fellow employees, serving up twisted forms of justice for their bitchy, lazy, or just weak willed attitudes.

One thing is certain though as Isaac watches them one by one meet the man named Donk, one by one take his reality altering wish granting loads, and as a perverse immoral chaos overtakes Moral Missions Inc. This may be his last day at work, but it’s going to truly be A Ri-DONK-ulous Day at the Office.


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