Dec 05 2017

Krismas begins with All I Want…

All I Want: An Action Figure by Kris P. Kreme

All I Want: An Action Figure by Kris P. Kreme

It’s time to answer the question of the season, what do you want? All I Want is a new series exploring a world where a new yearly comet has established all new traditions.

Wishing on the Santa Star as it’s called may seem a harmless bit of holiday whimsy, but what if those wishes come true in spectacularly twisted ways?

Anna has been called to the Miller home to watch after Tommy as his parents are away at a dinner. Tommy is no child, just an eighteen year old like her, but one with a unique social disorder.

He’s always been special, but has wishing on the Santa Star made Tommy special in all new perverse ways, ways the cute Anna can’t escape from?


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This Christmas season has brought all new traditions to this side of the globe, a very rare comet from a quite distant galaxy having cosmically ended an unknown journey to lock into a yearly orbit around the sun.

Each December for twenty-five days, the Santa Star will appear in the night sky, named by the scientists who first discovered it as a nod to the magical trails it glows through the December night skies, like Santa making his magical trip.

However the true magic of this comet is about to change lives, and may change them for the foreseeable future as word spreads of another new holiday tradition, making a wish on this very special shooting star. No one has any idea until a wish is made that unlike other bright shooting stars in the sky, the Santa Star can grant those wishes, but only in a truly twisted way no one can be prepared for.

Anna had already dressed for a party with her boyfriend when the Millers called her about Tommy. Even though Tommy’s certainly no baby, Anna has been babysitting him for years now.

A special kid, though eighteen, the same age as Anna, Tommy has what most would simply call a social disorder. He acts out sometimes, has trouble making friends, and generally thinks differently from most. Yet for anyone bothering to get to know him, as Anna has, Tommy’s a brilliant mind, special in his own way, and not deserving of the bullying from other kids in school.

It’s Anna’s unique patience and understanding which has her on call to sit with Tommy whenever his parents have to leave the house, and since the party is later tonight, she’s fine with stopping by and staying with Tommy for a few hours while his parent’s attend an important company dinner.

The Millers have a nice private estate, gated, their own lake, and so the Santa Star shines brightly down upon their property as Anna arrives, but she isn’t quite prepared for the troubles Tommy has been lately.

According to his parents, already leaving when Anna arrives, Tommy has been taking out his aggression on his toys lately, the kids on the bus being more cruel than usual, which Anna can imagine, since a senior riding the school bus is easy prey when he’s a harmless soul like Tommy

Yet inside the house, Tommy seems quite focused in his odd aggressive acts, always a smart one, seeming to be more into experiments and science regarding the elasticity of his various plastic action figures.

Sitting down with Tommy, chatting, trying to calm him and get to the bottom of things, Anna discovers that the kids on the bus made fun of him earlier over a wish he wanted to make on the Santa Star.

They claim he was wanting to wish for a doll, and Tommy became enraged at that because boys don’t play with dolls. As Tommy puts it, they are action figures, for guys, not dolls. None of this really explains why Tommy is using air compressor hoses and even water to test the expansive limits of his action figures, swelling up one toy soldier until he looks like a mutated freak.

Tommy has always related more to Anna than most anyone else, even his parents, but during her talks with him, Anna discovers that Tommy really believes in the power of wishing on the Santa Star, and somehow believes a wish has already been granted to him.

Humoring him, Anna hears of his constant torment by those school bullies for years now, how they made fun of him saying he didn’t like girls. So he wished that he could like girls more than any boy in school, and according to Tommy it came true immediately.

But Tommy has a new wish he wants to make, and the wish somehow involves Anna and his rather rough enjoyment of action figures. Is encouraging an imaginative yet different mind such as Tommy’s a good idea? Just how was Tommy’s original wish granted? And is the harmless boy she has grown up beside being supportive of truly harmless anymore?

Find out when wishes are made and action figures played in the beginning of an all new Kreme series, All I Want: An Action Figure, which may just have the cute babysitter seeing a lot more action than she ever bargained for.


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