Dec 07 2017

For some, all they want is Cash for Krismas

All I Want: Loads of Cash by Kris P. Kreme

All I Want: Loads of Cash by Kris P. Kreme

It’s time to answer the question of the season, what do you want? All I Want is a series exploring a world where a comet in the sky has established all new traditions.

Wishing on the Santa Star may seem a harmless bit of holiday whimsy, but what if those wishes come true in spectacularly twisted ways?

Brianne has never been great with money, and college bound she can no longer expect handouts from her parents. After an impulsive wish for endless loads of cash, Brianne’s father tells her the neighbors might be willing to pay quite generously for her services the next day.

But what services are they and has Brianne just wished herself into the life of a desperate holiday whore?


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The holidays have brought all new traditions to this side of the globe, a rare comet from a distant galaxy having cosmically ended an unknown journey to lock into a yearly orbit around the sun.

Each December for twenty-five days, the Santa Star will appear in the night sky, named by the scientists who first discovered it as a nod to the magical seeming trails it glows through the December night skies, like Santa making his magical trip.

However the true magic of this comet is about to change lives, and may change them for the foreseeable future as word spreads of another new holiday tradition, making a wish on this very special shooting star. No one has any idea until a wish is made that unlike other bright shooting stars in the sky, the Santa Star can grant those wishes, but only in a truly twisted way no one can be prepared for.

Brianne is college bound, and bound and determined to figure out her finances. When a last minute girls night at the movies results in her begging her parents for money yet again, Brianne realizes she no longer can play the little girl card and sucker her father into giving some much needed cash.

Her mother Sue is the financial manager of the family, and even if Frank was always an easy dad to charm into giving the cute young blonde whatever she desired, those days are apparently over.

Encouraged to find an odd job to earn extra money, perhaps something around their neighborhood, Brianne is sulking in frustration when she steps out onto the back deck that crisp December evening.

Always running hot, both literally and figuratively, Brianne can’t believe she’s missing out on going out with friends. She can’t believe it’s all over something as silly as not having the cash to get gas in her car or pay for her ticket to see a movie. But as she looks up into the frigid night sky, she also can’t believe all the fuss that has been made about the fancy comet showing up this year.

It’s not like it comes and goes in one night, staying visible for most of the month, but maybe the most unbelievably ridiculous thing about it has been the kids talking at school about making wishes on it.

Angry, desperate, rolling her eyes, Anna shouts out an impulsive wish to the Santa Star, and she wishes for loads of cash, endless loads of cash.

Naturally money doesn’t start raining down upon her right away, but her father opens the door having heard her shouting, and he has rather surprisingly good news. Telling her they can talk more about it in the morning, Frank mentions that Geoff and Craig next door told him they had a job she could do all day tomorrow and they’d pay generously for it.

Thinking there might just be a bit of magic in that Santa Star after all, Brianne is woken by taps on her door early the next morning.

Half asleep, Brianne can’t believe it when her father mentions how excited Craig and Geoff were to have her over there at their house working all day. Even though her dad seems oddly reluctant to mention specifics about why two mid twenties roommates would be so excited to have her helping them clean or do whatever, and even if her dad seems almost embarrassed about the whole arrangement, nothing prepares Brianne for the shock of just how much this odd job in the neighborhood might pay.

Still too tired to pay much attention to all the texts her phone has since last night, odd texts with strange questions about money amounts for services, Brianne definitely wakes when her father shows her the cash Craig and Geoff prepaid for her to come over and help them out.

One thousand dollars, ten one hundred dollar bills, Frank showing the cash just to inspire Brianne that the odd job is real, that Craig and Geoff were serious. What is stranger though is why her dad seems so reluctant to mention details and why he also seems rather sheepish about whether one thousand dollars is enough.

If anything could have shocked Brianne wider awake than the prospect of earning a thousand dollars in a day with some odd job neighbor deal, it’s when her father finally sighs and explains what they wanted her doing.

As he puts it, one of them wants to fuck her unconscious and the other wants to knock her up.

As bluntly as that, Brianne discovers that for whatever reason, everyone, from all those who texted her phone to her very own father, believes that she is a quite willing whore as long as the cash is good.

Assuming it’s the money that has Brianne confused, Frank offers to negotiate on her behalf, to double the price Craig and Geoff will pay for her young body all day long.

Confused, freaked out, as one might expect, the moment Brianne finally touches that cash everything changes. Breathing in the smell of the crisp brand new bills, fanning herself with it, thoughts unexpectedly pop into the college bound mind of a girl always obsessed with money, never managing it too well at all.

Will Brianne be bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘loads of cash’? Has her wish truly been granted and she’ll never be broke again? Is her father actually going to embrace all new perverse ways of being her pimp?

Discover the magic of the season once again, when another gets all they want thanks to the Santa Star, even if all they want couldn’t cum any harder or more repeatedly throughout every hour of the day.


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