Dec 21 2017

Krismas gets Bold at times

Bold St. Nick by Kris P. Kreme

Bold St. Nick by Kris P. Kreme

Nick is an easygoing guy, not one to make rash decisions, never to take bold actions, and quite comfortable playing Santa in the mall.

He can’t say the same for Jennifer, who hates having to wear the skimpy helper outfit and gets leered at by creepy fathers.

On a busy day with no time for coffee when a mall vendor left special cookies for Nick and Jennifer, something in those cookies will push Nick in bold new directions.

Energized, he finds thoughts turning to his young assistant, and she seems oddly attentive to his every word of advice. It would seem there’s a mysterious magic in the mall this year and the man brave enough to enjoy it most may be Bold St. Nick.


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Nick has always been a very chill guy, and this Christmas as during recent Christmas’s he’s taking on the role of only the most literally chill guy out there, Old St. Nick.

Very little has gotten to him in life, not the fact he went prematurely gray in his thirties, and not the fact that in his forties people now assume he’s for whatever reason much older. It’s certainly nothing to stress about, nor is the daily challenge of posing for photos with hundreds of sometimes hyper children

In a way, he supposes he has it a lot easier than his yearly assistants, like Jennifer this year. They rarely repeat from year to year, but this year Jennifer has been quite helpful, even if it’s clear she doesn’t appreciate the looks her helper outfit earns from the fathers in line with their kids.

Dressed in a tight rather revealing red outfit with fuzzy white trim, it’s quite obvious why Jennifer has been frustrated. The occasional leers, the pinches from dirty old men, and the teenagers snapping video of her on their phones would certainly rub anyone the wrong way, but Nick definitely has it easier.

Nick’s never been so bold as to even bat an eye at such attractive qualities as Jennifer brings to being Santa’s helper, never one to push his luck with leers or blunt crude comments, but something… something quite unexpected for the both of them… is going to change all that this year.

It’s a particularly busy day at the mall, children already lined up and loudly waiting for Santa to appear. Nick is just about finished getting in costume and unlike some days further away from the big day itself, there’s simply no time for coffee.

Even as chill as Nick is, everyone needs a pick me up to get through the day, and that’s when Jennifer remembers the tray of cookies left for them by mall staff.

It may not be coffee, but Nick’s not one to complain and so he takes the tray of cookies with him, greeting all the kids with a hearty HO HO HO.

Eager to just get the day over with, obviously bothered by how her costume fits her, Jennifer doesn’t have the appetite for cookies, and so a busy day getting photos with Santa is underway.

It’s the caramel glazing, Nick thinks after having had a number of cookies in between photos with the kids. Either the caramel glaze or just something in the recipe for these cookies, something both sweet and a little tart, has Nick energized like never before, bright eyed and enjoying his day.

But quickly his idle thoughts are turning not just to smiling proudly for each photo but smiling at the young sexy helper snapping those photos.

As strange and unlike him as it is, Jennifer is preoccupying his thoughts, her long smooth legs, her supple chest that bounces a little as she bends in the costume she wears, and even the upturned nose between heavenly green eyes; everything is beginning to inspire thoughts Nick usually never has.

It’s during the lunch break they get away from the chaos of the mall that Nick finishes off the tray of cookies, asking if Jennifer knows who made them. Focused on her cell phone, she shrugs, assuming it was a mall vendor, saying something about a new recipe.

Even if Nick is still rather focused on Jennifer’s quite attractive body, a body he knows he shouldn’t be staring at since she’s less than half his age, he also can tell something has her upset.

As it turns out, Jennifer’s boyfriend keeps texting to ask for sexy pics of her in the Santa helper outfit they make her wear and she isn’t sure what to do, the whole thing bothering her.

Ordinarily Nick would never be so bold as to suggest she do something she’s uncomfortable with, but he’s been staring and thinking far too much and something in those cookies really has him far too energized to not crack a smile and give some advice, saying “Why not, he’s her boyfriend after all, show him the goods?”

While it’s totally intended as a lighthearted comment, even Nick notices how rather instantly Jennifer seems to take to the advice, and soon she’s snapping away pouty face pics, sexy selfies, various revealing poses of her in costume, sending them to her boyfriend.

It’s as though her attitude has entirely changed and every man in line with their kids for the rest of the day notices, but no one notices more than Nick, sitting there staring, watching the young helper, thinking thoughts he knows he shouldn’t be thinking.

After the day is done and the mall close to closing, when usually they’d both be far more interested in changing from their costumes and heading home, Nick makes a bold decision to suggest Jennifer hop up and down. He has to know whether his advice really altered her attitude that much.

When the sexy young assistant offers only a “Sure, Nick,” response and immediately begins hopping, Nick knows that something has given him more than just a pep in his step today, those cookies somehow giving the man a bold confidence that Jennifer simply can’t resist.

Just what will Nick do upon such a discovery? Who really made those cookies and why were they left for Nick and Jennifer? The only thing nobody can question, least of all the soon to be quite merry mall Santa and his helper, is that this year a very Bold St. Nick has quite the large package to deliver.


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