Dec 23 2017

Get a Lift during Krismas

Catching a Lift by Kris P. Kreme

Catching a Lift by Kris P. Kreme

Choosing a ski resort for their Christmas vacation, Mitch doubts his wife and daughter will ever stop complaining about how cold it is.

He hopes once they are actually skiing, his drama queen daughter Courtney, and equally exaggerating wife Lauren, will finally warm up to the idea.

Yet none can imagine how quickly minds change after individually riding the ski lift up the mountain, chatting with the resort volunteer who has quite a knack for conversation.

It turns out there are ways a girl like Courtney can stay warm in the cold, with other men on the mountain willing to help. And maybe her husband didn’t have a stupid idea, Lauren thinks as she considers becoming stupid herself.


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For Christmas vacation this year, Mitch chose to take his wife and daughter to a fun filled ski resort, but sadly for Mitch, his family is making this vacation anything but fun.

Yet all that can and will change after some friendly conversation… the type only a special man taking his own vacation away from the tedium of office counseling and psychology can offer.

As though a Christmas vacation was meant to be taken anywhere but snowy mountains, Mitch can’t believe what a big deal his princess daughter Courtney and over-dramatic wife Lauren are making about how cold it is. They’ve done little more than complain, Courtney more worried about her manicure than actually making the most of a family vacation she’d rather have taken someplace tropical.

The ski resort was Mitch’s idea and despite all of this he’s still convinced it was a good idea, even if you’d think by the way Courtney is carrying on that her father wanted to torture her by bringing her into the wintery elements.

Unfortunately for Mitch there’s no winning an argument with two women so set on the cold being a Christmas nightmare, and the only hope remaining is that maybe, just maybe, they will change their mind once they try actually skiing instead of standing around ranting.

Oddly it would seem the resort has one operational ski lift, a volunteer mentioning that for safety they insist on no more than two at a time up the mountain, the volunteer accompanying guests.

As frustrating as it might seem, that means each family member must ride up to the top with this rather chatty volunteer working the resort in his time off. Anything is better than dealing with the women in his life for Mitch, and clearly his daughter Courtney is just ready to get moving and stop standing around.

It’s during the ride up the mountain that the chatty resort volunteer talks Courtney into re-evaluating her thinking about this resort, mostly into inspired new ways of keeping warm when the temperatures outside are quite frigid.

As it turns out, some men are waiting at the top of the mountain, men who already had some friendly conversation, men who are quite eager to help warm up a cute snow bunny like Courtney.

But just what will Lauren think if she discovers her daughter at the top of the mountain sandwiched between two strangers, getting thoroughly warmed up? Whatever it probably would have been… it’s different after a special conversation on the ski lift.

And yet what about Mitch? Sadly some seasonal shocks are harsher than the cold, and no conversation can change the rather alarming manner in which he finds his family embracing his chosen Christmas vacation destination this year.


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