A scare from SINtendo can make you jumpy

SINtech Tales Jump Scare by Kris P. Kreme

SINtech Tales Jump Scare by Kris P. Kreme

When Alissa tries to shake her boredom by agreeing to help her stepbrother Tate diagnose a problem he’s having with random lines of code in his virtual haunted house, she never suspects that the terror might be anything but virtual.

Tate never suspects that the bug in his VR experience might be a literal bug… the faithful pet of Julie James who has been freed to wander all of virtual reality in a desperate and increasingly insane bid to escape her VR prison.

When Alissa meets Julie, she has a special way of sending her message with Alissa into the real world. Halloween is full of jump scares, but none of those scares are as twisted as a VR vixen named Julie James.


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Fall is the perfect season for Alissa… but unfortunately the climate lately seems to be changing as this fall is just unseasonably humid for her. Having tried reading, she really would rather be out in the world but the weather isn’t cooperating and that’s when her stepfather Neal pops his head in to pass along a hello from her mother.

With her mom away visiting her cousins, it’s just her, Neal, and Neal’s son Tate in the house. When Neal mentions that Tate had asked for some help if she had time with a VR program he’s working on, at least Alissa has something to occupy herself with. If she can’t get out and enjoy the real world, maybe a virtual one will suffice.

Always a pretty fun easy going family, Alissa is as cheery as ever, always willing to help out, and visiting Tate in the basement, her stepbrother mentions that he and a friend have been trying to perfect a virtual haunted house before Halloween this year.

It’s really a simple program he says, basically you enter VR and find yourself at the entrance to a spooky old house. You can then enter and explore that spooky house with the occasional jump scare to keep things fun and surprising. It’s not a game as much as an experience, but for whatever reason he’s having some trouble. As Tate puts it, showing a computer screen filled with random lines of code, somehow there seems to be a bug in the system.

There are lines of code showing up that he didn’t put in there, and there’s really no easy way of seeing what those invasive codes might be messing up if anything. What Tate really needs is for someone to go into the VR while he monitors the computer and those lines of code on the outside.

Always the helpful stepsister, Alissa is not exactly a fan of scary movies, but more than willing to put up with some jump scares to shake the boredom she’s been having, and it certainly is good to help out. And so she soon finds herself inside VR, standing before a towering old door.

Beyond that door Alissa will find a very nicely polished off virtual haunted house, so many spooky details, so much atmosphere… but she may just find something or someone else, something Tate never programmed into his virtual world.

A beautiful and once innocent popular gamer girl named Julie James has been freed from SINtech servers, freed to enter any virtual system she likes, and in her desperate bid to send her own brand of kinky messages to the outside world, she has perhaps gone a little bit mad stuck inside a world where anything is possible.

Julie, along with her ever faithful and depraved literal cock monster bug of enormous proportions have a very special message to deliver… and unfortunately Alissa just might get a whole lot more than the jump scare she was expecting today.

Halloween with the Kreme takes a plunge back into the virtual nightmares only to wake from those nightmares into a very different reality.


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