Oct 22 2019

Fear the Fairy’s return

Fairy Bad Things by Kris P. Kreme

Fairy Bad Things by Kris P. Kreme

A dark and sexy figure has made her return to the town of River Run, last time visiting a mall, feeding off the fears come true of those whose path she crossed. This year though, a packed arena offers enough fears to feed her for some time.

But first the Fear Fairy will have to get past a couple of meddling guards outside the River Run Arena.

Cody always feared working forever alongside his father Oliver, but the guards are going to be quite like-minded and quite aggressive in their demands after realizing their deepest inner fears.

All fear the Fear Fairy for the Fear Fairy brings about Fairy Bad Things, just in time for Halloween.


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Years ago the River Run Galleria mall experienced a day like no other, with random chaos and pure depravity. While no one remembers who or what sparked such carnal chaos, it’s quite possible that many may have feared such chaos happening again. Well this Halloween their fears have been answered as a familiar fairy is returning just in time for a large death metal concert at the River Run Arena.

No one really pays much attention to the tight vinyl corset wearing goth girl with her latex rubber skirt and indecently bold cleavage. But then no one usually does, yet this is a being far more sinister than her sultry appearance might give away, the Fear Fairy, who feeds off making ones worst deepest fears come true in only the most yummy depraved way.

Oliver and his son Cody have been working security outside the River Run Arena, and their goal is simply to keep anyone from entering after the concert has already begun. They’ve seen any number of odd characters, but most in the town of River Run are just decent people, dressed in goth attire, dressed for a fittingly spooky concert of metal music. But something is different about the goth chick with wings, fake little fairy wings, but real fairy powers as they will soon discover.

Oliver always deep down feared being seen as that pushy aggressive security guy, the too bad to be a cop guy who needed a power trip and was generally forceful to get whatever he wanted. Thanks to a little touch from the wand of a Fear Fairy he will experience that fear come true, as will his son Cody who always feared being just like his dad, always being right there as he is working security, alongside his dad.

As a girl is leaving the concert early, having had enough of her girlfriends acting stupid inside, enough of the smoky noisy arena, she might never suspect her deepest darkest fear is waiting for her on the way out.

A young woman, Tessa fears never being taken seriously, always being mistreated, and she’s about to live that fear after crossing paths with the Fear Fairy, though ironically the sexy concert goer might just be seriously taken… by a couple of forceful security guards.

Just what chaos will unfold once fears are realized in the River Run Arena? There are very bad things to fear around Halloween with the Kreme this year, and then there are Fairy Bad Things.


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