Oct 24 2019

The Woods are Wicked during Hallowkreme

The Wicked Wood Witches by Kris P. Kreme

The Wicked Wood Witches by Kris P. Kreme

Stuck on a boring family camping trip to the isolated Wicked Woods with his friends and their families, Todd may forever change the family dynamic thanks to a story he tells his two friends at a sacred native site under the moonlight.

The natives believed spirits of the forest would imbue life into stories told atop a moonlit clearing, so when Todd makes up a story about three sexy milf witches who stay forever young by consuming and taking in the lustful cum of willing young men, all of their fates might be sealed.

Something is happening to their sexy moms back at camp… and before they know it, the boys may get seduced and used in ways they fantasized about, but never knew to fear.


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The three high school seniors never asked to be dragged away from the comforts of home on a totally random camping trip with their families, not in October when there were so many better things they could be doing. But there they find themselves, in the isolation of Wicked Woods, a seemingly infinite mountainous forest with nothing to do.

But there are stories about Wicked Woods, and separating the truth from fiction in those stories might just be what ultimately gives these three best friends more to do than they ever imagined.

Each of them tired of the others commenting on how hot their moms look, the three sneak off to a flat stone spot at the top of a clearing in Wicked Woods, underneath the moonlight. According to one of them who was once involved in scout trips out to the wilderness this was reportedly a native site for sharing stories. Native cultures a long time ago believed the spirits of the forest would imbue life into the stories told here and it served as a trial for young warriors of the tribe.

And so in the middle of Wicked Woods, where cell coverage doesn’t exist, where no one else but their families are around for miles and miles, three best friends start to tell stories, and the most interesting story comes from Todd because he claims it’s true.

According to Todd, the reason no cell towers are out there, no homes, no camps in Wicked Woods, is all because of three creatures called The Wicked Wood Witches.

As Todd explains, the Wicked Wood Witches were such lusty perfect women, seriously sexy milfs that preyed on young men, that no man could resist them. The witches maintained their incredibly sexy appearance and vitality through the seduction and draining of precious fluids from young men just like the three of them. His friends laughing, he assures them it’s totally true, that they would sexually drain a man into dried out husk, consuming man after man, in their constant need for lustful fluids.

The boys all laugh, an over the top story if there ever was one for three horny milf obsessed boys to tell. But could there be something to the location, to the moonlit night, and the rumors that woodland spirits imbued life into the stories told in Wicked Woods?

Back at camp, something is happening to all three of their mothers, sexy women already well fantasized about by any of the three but soon more than mere women. Have the real Wicked Wood Witches awoken with a lustful craving that can’t possibly be sated? Will the boys be facing consequences to telling stories they never imagined?

Find out in an all new original tale from the Kreme, a spooky sexy tale that will have you running home to your best friend’s mommy this Halloween with the Kreme.


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