Jun 13 2020

Quarantine with SINtendo

SINtendo Quarantine Quandaries - Pocket Pussy by Kris P, Kreme

SINtendo Quarantine Quandaries – Pocket Pussy by Kris P, Kreme

Alex ignored the random messages on his game profile. He never read through them until months of frustration in quarantine led him to.

Someone named GamerK101 sent a link to a game that could finally resolve the conflict Alex has with how his friend and now stepsister Ashley has become so hot?

They were gaming buddies before two things happened, their parents married and she matured into busty perfection, a perfection she despises being shy and smart.

When the opportunity comes to team up, taking down two of their worst enemies while also claiming a reward that could take the extreme out of Ashley’s figure, will the end game be what they always wanted… or what they never imagined?


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At eighteen most never would have called Alex a fully fledged adult, but then the pandemic came and everyone had to act their age if they wanted to handle it responsibly. Yet this unexpected crisis brought with it another crisis Alex never could have expected. He was stuck at home, alone with his longtime friend and in recent years incredibly blossoming stepsister Ashley. It was a Quarantine Quandary he never thought would lead where it did.

Alex was a typical guy, in that most guys never fully stopped thinking about sex. Even in the midst of a quarantine unlike anything even his parents’ parents had ever dealt with, Alex’s mind can so easily go to sex. It certainly doesn’t help at all that he and his stepsister of only a couple years, Ashley, ended up quarantined at home together.

When everything got serious, their parents were off on a trip for their two year anniversary. The airlines like everything else had shut down and so the two young adults were thrust into adult responsibility, isolated and taking care of themselves and things around the house for several months on their own. But the pressure has mounted, and a decent amount of it has been in Alex’ pants.

Ashley is a really shy girl, unlike a lot of girls her age who mature practically overnight one day to absolute gorgeous and become manipulative bitches. No, Ashley is the smart brainy type who despises the body she has ended up with, busty and sexy brunette. Which only makes Alex hate his thoughts more, since he can’t get the glimpses of her awesome tits and what those might actually feel like, what she might feel like out of his mind.

The more boredom from the quarantine, the more Alex’s typical guy mind returns to such thoughts, until even focusing on the gaming he has occupied himself with is suffering. But it was when Alex decided to scroll back through old messages he’d received from other gamers, messages he often ignored or overlooked, that Alex really struck upon the gaming opportunity that would change everything.

Months back there was an odd message mentioning long distance gaming that caught his eye. Everything these days seemed distanced so it was no surprise he read the message from someone called simply GamerK101. Simply reading through it, Alex could plainly tell there was a certain undertone to the message. This GamerK guy mentioned that with this game, Alex could get his hands or other parts on anyone he’d always wanted, by playing something called Pocket Pussy.

It isn’t until Alex clicks on the link sent with the message that he really realizes just how serious a help this game might be. It’s not just a game, it’s a SINtendo game, something called SINtendo Pocket Pussy Sampl-her Edition. Naturally that means there are gameplay limitations but it’s still an actual SINtendo game. Even Ashley knows SINtendo, the two of them having gamed together back before she became shy from getting so gorgeous, back when they were friends before their parents complicated things.

One thought occurs to Alex, if what this game claims is true, he can finally get his hands on her impressive body… or what he assumes is a realistic gaming recreation of it. After all he doesn’t want to actually do anything to hurt her or make her feel more awkward. He just wants to finally get this out of his system.

Reading through everything, there’s mention of a portal during gameplay, through which the player can reach and interact directly with their chosen game character. He figures a lot of the language is just made up to add some story to the technology, but SINtendo is known for impossible seeming game interactions.

Seemingly he assumes the game uses some advanced scanning feature to recreate what the form of his chosen game character would feel like, and like plenty of virtual stimulation tech, it goes from there in a typically sinful SINtendo way.

However the Ashley he feels himself grabbing and manipulating after starting his game feels way better than he thought this game would somehow be capable of. And before he knows it, simply feeling her up has taken Alex to Pleasure Pinnacle One.

There are five Pleasure Pinnacles in this Sampl-her Edition of the game, each one reached by different or increasingly sexual achievements, each one offering player or game character rewards. Yet when Alex chooses to make those already big boobs even bigger, figuring it will be more for him to feel up while playing this game, reality comes screaming at him.

Rushing to Ashley, the real one, forgetting about the game, Alex’s fears of someone breaking in or something horrible go even worse. His quarantine companion has actually experienced everything that just happened in Alex’s game. When he’d chosen the reward Titanic Titties, she’d started experiencing a pleasurable growth like the last two years of maturing combined and now she truly looks like she was built for porn.

However this tale takes a different turn as Alex feels horrible about this actually being the real Ashley. So together the two of them move past the awkwardness to look back and find other messages from GamerK101, one of which offers some cheat guides on how to get the most of the Sampl-her Edition of Pocket Pussy. It seems there might be a way to not only undo what was done to Ashley, but if they play carefully with multiple partners, to end up rewarding Ashley by taking her own maturity back permanently to what it was before she became a busty teen goddess.

It’s been nothing but a nightmare to her, bullied by other girls, called a slut, had rumors spread she had implants, and finally maybe there is a way out of all that. But since Ashley remains the primary game character, Alex will need to choose two new characters to take the brunt of the mental and physical damage playing a SINtendo game can result in.

The first choice is easy, a woman whose made his life miserable and threatened his graduation, their science teacher Francine Finch. She’s always been a hot teacher for her age, and she’s also been a real bitch to Alex and most guys in her classes. The second choice after playing with their teacher and forever changing her, is easy for Ashley. Amy Lincoln has bullied Ashley relentlessly, head cheerleader, queen bitch, currently quarantined with her boyfriend at home.

All it takes is phone contacts to add in the additional characters, and there are many twisted moments of gameplay to enjoy, especially since the new characters remain clueless to what is suddenly happening to them… but will all of this actually work?

Will Alex and Ashley once again prove a winning team at gaming, defeating their personal foes in real life, while claiming rewards that only improve their own lives forever after? Or will the gaming itself, the control and pleasure of seeing those they despise pay for their cruelty, corrupt Alex and Ashley’s minds so that winning the game changes their plans of giving Ashley back the body she never wanted to mature in the first place?

It’s a real Quarantine Quandary, when good intentions go bad playing SINtendo Pocket Pussy.


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