Jun 24 2020

Grab something for the beginning of summer

The Grab Bag #47 - Paying For The Prank & Passing the Test by Kris P. Kreme

The Grab Bag #47 – Paying For The Prank & Passing the Test by Kris P. Kreme

The summer heat is here and with it another Grab Bag FULL of Kreme. And these two twisted tales are all about being full of cream. In the first, online pranking video star Pete intends to prank his girlfriend with fake money, but the prank gets very real when that fake bill changes everything. Next up, Alice is stressing about passing all her tests, but after hypnotherapy she may be so dedicated to passing EVERY test, her roommate’s pregnancy test has her cramming.

This Grab Bag Includes:

Paying for the Prank: Pete and Hanna are gaining fame on the internet with videos of their pranks. With Pete’s clever ideas for elaborate pranks and Hanna’s gorgeous good looks, the subscribers are rolling in to check out their YouTube channel Prank You Very Much. Unfortunately the latest prank by Pete may just get out of hand the second some fake cash gets placed in the hand of Hanna. Find out who pays the price.

Passing the Test: Alice knows the material for her classes but is always panicking over the tests. After a string of bad test grades pushes her semester average lower than she needs for her scholarship, Alice needs help. Fortunately her somewhat slutty roommate has a good suggestion, Dr. McDonnal, a hypnotherapist who helped her. But what happens when the doctor leaves Alice with the need to pass any test?


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