The Krop came in late for 2019

Kreme of the Krop 2019 by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme of the Krop 2019 by Kris P. Kreme

Kreme of the Krop 2019 brought to you, with pandemic delays, by Kris P. Kreme

Over 64,000 Words of Kreme!

Ordinarily the Kreme of the Krop, the freshest new mind melting tales ripe and ready for sharing would have been brought in during 2020. Unfortunately the happy horny Kreme Krop workers had to stay home all year, but that doesn’t mean 2019’s Krop went to waste!

Presented for your salivating sensual slurping, the tastiest treats of 2019 include the origin tale of a magic lamp that brings more than magical moments on a big day. It includes the return of everyone’s favorite Plutonians and their never ending quest to influence the gene pool, sometimes literally. There are tales of chemical spills enhancing a traveling loner, SINtendo photo apps enhancing a shy art student, and rival businesses striking where it hurts around the holidays… with even more SINtendo.

But first as always, it’s time for a brand new fresh off the vine virgin Tale from the Kreme. Dakota has a hunger for working and showing what a success she can be at her daddy’s famed hunting lodge. But will her hunger get the best of her leaving her with much more than the rack every hunter wants to mount?

Dakota Huntley has been begging and pleading every year to work at her father’s famed Huntley Hunting Lodge for the summer. Finally, the year between high school and college, the overprotective William Huntley has finally agreed to let Dakota work at the lodge. But has her daddy set her up for failure with a made up new position where Dakota is sheltered from all he considers dangerous in and around a hunting lodge… or will her own ambitions and determination to succeed prove that there are dangers William Huntley never imagined?

On the first day of her summer job, Dakota Huntley is more than just excited. She’s a Huntley and is prepared for any job no matter whether it starts at the bottom or not, but after assuring her the job she’ll have at Huntley Hunting Lodge is better than working the gun range, more important than safety training, more exciting than trail guides and even more crucial than working with the guests checking in and leaving, the fiery haired Dakota is more than a little annoyed to see just where she will be working.

Having created a pastry counter buried in the corner of the main floor of the lodge where almost nobody even goes, William Huntley tells Dakota that she can run it completely, take charge, make it whatever success she can make. But days into weeks prove that nobody cares about pastries at a hunting lodge. None of the guys are there to eat pastries; they’re ready to hunt, to bag the best rack on the mountain, to take home trophy kills and stories of their greatness in the hunt. Yet Dakota never gives up, and after researching and looking for any way of pushing a pastry counter into success, she finds a product known as flavor crystals.

Flavor crystals are reportedly guaranteed to enhance any baked goods, promising ravenous appetites no one can resist. Ordering more than enough flavor crystals, Dakota plans on adding them to the donuts and cakes and everything else at the pastry counter, luring every man who passes through the lodge to her counter and showing Daddy what a masterful mind for business his daughter has.

Of course paying attention to the instructions might be more important than young Dakota imagines, especially when she is warned to absolutely not heat the flavor crystals and she sprinkles way more than necessary on some colorful donuts, heating them in the microwave. It seems they work as advertised though, because one sniff of the unimaginably perfect smell of those donuts has Dakota shoveling every last one of them in her mouth. And after binge eating every single pastry, the once slender Dakota has certainly put on weight… but just where will that weight remain?

Just what company is behind a product like the flavor crystals Dakota bought? Is it possible that by heating and consuming way more than she ever should, Dakota herself will take on a scent no man can resist? Dakota Huntley wanted to prove she could handle any job no matter how dangerous, and she might just discover that no matter the dangers, she’s the best treat every man is looking to enjoy with easily the best rack on the mountain.

There’s an essential part to every successful hunt, and that is the conquered prize that gets Stuffed and Mounted. An innocent coed is about to discover what it’s like being that prize.


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