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Gaming the System by Kris P. Kreme

Gaming the System by Kris P. Kreme

After last year, Amy is more than excited to be finally going back to in-class teaching at the high school.

Her husband assures her she’ll never need to try in order to have her students remembering her, but Amy wants a gimmick for her classes, something no one else has, something besides her beautiful looks the kids can remember her for.

That’s how she ends up trying an educational application called Gaming the System, where game controllers and a television make learning fun. But when the game punishes for wrong answers in ways no one expects, will it make the students more eager to do poorly… especially when doing so gets them truly twisted fun with Mrs. Amy?


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Amy is both excited and nervous for her first time teaching in person since the pandemic. And while her husband Terry does his best at trying to convince her she doesn’t need in-class gimmicks to make a positive impression on her students, that doesn’t change the attractive young teacher that students are more likely to remember an instructor who makes learning fun.

While Terry has certainly enjoyed spending a lot of isolation time the past year with his hot young wife, his time with her has only made him a bit more free with his pervy comments, and Amy has a lot more on her mind than dealing with his innuendo remarks and assurances that she’ll be the hot teacher every student remembers.

She wants to make learning entertaining, to make it unique, and most of all to make up for all the students lost this last year with distance learning and instruction.

That’s why a passing remark Terry makes about a magazine article he was just reading strikes so much interest with Amy. He shows her the article, about an instructional application for the classroom developed during the pandemic to make something of a competition or game out of learning. In reading it over, Amy has that spark of excitement she frequently gets, a teacher who barely had gotten her first high school teaching job before the virus struck and everyone had to go to remote learning.

Gaming the System as it’s called is a downloadable program that merely requires a television and pretty much any game controllers so long as they have a built-in microphone and buttons. The teacher can pre-load a select series of questions, or a theme, and the questions will appear on the television, each student able to lock out the others by pressing any button of their choice on their controller. Supposedly points are earned and there are even rewards for right answers, punishments for wrong answers.

Amy’s so excited and quick to accept that this is just the gimmick she has been looking for that she wants to set it up right away for a prep week of classes beginning the next day.

During the prep week, only the senior students have been randomly divided, ten per class to a number of teachers, all geared towards giving both students and instructors essentially a practice session to get used to in-person learning again.

So on the night before class, let into the school by the school principal, Roger, Amy and Terry set everything up, game controllers at each desk for her students the next day.

But could this be a gimmick that takes things a bit too far the opposite direction of social distancing? Amy and Terry might have figured that out if they knew that Gaming the System is an educational product release by a company called SINtech, most notably known for being the brains behind an adult gaming series of products under the SINtendo name.

The following day, everything seems to go fine… at first. Amy has her randomly assigned students, ten senior boys, everyone from muscular athletic football players to shy loner nerds. Her chosen series of questions are on colleges and heading off to college, all trivia based on the terms and names of collegiate education. The first two questions are easily gotten right, and the rewards are very confusing, one simply saying Happy, the other saying Confident.

What none of the students realize is that Amy truly is adjusted by the rewards, made to feel a happiness she rarely has felt… made to feel a confidence the shy young teacher seldom has. The fun, however, begins on a mistake that results in an incorrect answer.

As Amy reads the punishment, everyone begins to realize that Gaming the System might not be such a boring educational toy after all… and in fact Amy may be destined to be a toy for her students.

After the first punishment makes Amy linked to the student who gave the wrong answer’s controller for a limited time, and she is literally manipulated to jump up and down to their adolescent amusement… a sinister idea spreads. Other students begin getting their questions wrong on purpose, simply because the punishments are more fun than the rewards, and all of them punish Amy by changing something about her, turning her into something else, or just giving the student’s power over their hot young teacher no student could ever resist.

Will Amy make an impression on her students like no teacher ever before her… or will the real impression be the ones they have on her, torturous punishment after torturous punishment, making a game out of learning and a true pleasure out of Gaming the System?

But what happens when the game is over? Will Amy be used, abused, and absolutely destroyed before the school year even begins? Will her husband and school principal save the day… or has everyone gone just a little bit crazy during the past year and a half, to the point that everyone, student or not, is eager to try a little Gaming the System?

Just in time for school, it’s a brand new educational pursuit from the twisted minds behind SINtendo.


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