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SINtendo B.E.A.N.bag Baby by Kris P. Kreme

SINtendo B.E.A.N.bag Baby by Kris P. Kreme

Kelly has been nothing but sweet, putting up with all the renovation work her stepfather Anthony and his hired help Andy are doing while her mother is away.

But when Anthony surprises her with a new gaming chair, a purple beanbag with oddly fancy features, she may just find her gaming skills rising as her morals and inhibitions drop level by level.

Will much more than the house be renovated by the time her mother gets home, and exactly how satisfying can a beanbag really be to sit in? Find out in the last of the ten brand new SINtendo September tales!


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Anthony has never seen himself as a family man, but that’s what he instantly became marrying a woman with an eighteen year old daughter, Kelly. But he’s done the best he can in a new situation but no good deed goes unpunished as a simple gift may end up teaching him what being a dad really is like.

Anthony got help from his wife’s sister, keeping his wife out of town while he and hired worker Andy finish up some home renovations as a big surprise for her. But he knows that her daughter Kelly has been frustrated, cooped up in her bedroom while the rest of the house undergoes work. That and the bargain deal he found was what prompted Anthony to pick up a beanbag chair for Kelly. At least he assumes it’s a beanbag chair, given a fancy name and claiming it enhances gaming. All he really knows is it’s one of Kelly’s favorite colors and she has been stuck in her room playing games, so what better gift to thank her for letting him and Andy do their sometimes loud reno work?

Kelly has always been a sweet girl, happy to put up with the noise and nuisance since Anthony is such a cool guy doing things to surprise her mother. But her sweet innocence may be meeting an aggressive end thanks to what she quickly discovers is called a B.E.A.N.bag Baby, standing for Biometric Engagement Activity Network.

According to the little instructions that came with the purple beanbag, the material has sensors throughout that will engage with unique muscle feedback from the player to enhance and map out concentration during gameplay, resulting in greater comfort and heightened satisfaction upon successful gaming.

It’s pretty crazy sounding, but the moment Kelly takes a seat ready to put it to the test and play some of her favorite platformer games, she has to admit it really is comfy and hugs her so nicely as she settles back into it.

Kelly has often fought the stereotype of gamers, her friends always asking why she doesn’t go for cheerleading, something her cute form seems better suited for. But Kelly likes gaming, the fact it keeps her mind active and engaged. But when she beats a particularly difficult boss in the platform game she has been playing, there may just be a little more to her celebration of the win than usual.

Getting up and doing a celebratory dance, she gives an intense look at the screen and slides her tongue out, licking her cheek in what anyone watching might have called a sexually suggestive way. But then she’s alone, nobody watching, so quickly goes right back to the game, settling into the B.E.A.N.bag Baby, comforted and amped up to all new aggressive focus for her gaming.

After another successful boss fight, she’s again intensely satisfied with the win, even cussing out loud with how thrilled she is, continuing her game, energized and focused, even if she does feel little static charges from wiggling around in the beanbag all the time.

But when Kelly randomly spots Andy going to get some tools, even she isn’t aware how unlike her it would be to celebrate her excellent gaming with a chest bump to Andy, something that leaves him truly confused and fighting the enjoyment of eighteen year old boobs pressed against his chest.

Back in her room, Kelly keeps gaming, the satisfaction of doing so well taking her places she never normally went in how she celebrates her wins. But will poor Andy be able to keep doing his job helping Anthony, or will Kelly’s increasingly perverse and sexual celebrating push him too far?

Kelly was always a good girl, until she had a good seat on a SINtendo B.E.A.N.bag Baby… and then everything went bad, including her.

SINtendo September has been a long month, so maybe it’s time you found a nice comfy seat, readers… but be careful because certain seats are more satisfying to sit in than others.


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